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Men's True Nature

I feel during this time I realized men in general are depraved and just horrible on their own. I feel even with being raised that way they just are the way they are. I just feel so spit before and even now I thought a I would want to get into a relationship and get married and being so lonely and just wanting a companion. But I just feel I have a hatred for men as a whole now and it grows everyday. I am aware my experience with men are not one of the worse. But to be used and taken advantage of for years especially online I think impacted mentally. Now it would not make sense to get into a relationship because no matter who I am with I expect that they will mess up one way or another. I try to tell myself that the happiness of couples can be an illusion especially since its valentines day soon. But really my mind is still so spilt I feel I still crave for a relationship but I can't not be angry of how I've been treated and shown my whole time trying to talk to men that I am only worth it in the moment if I showed my body. I feel I will forever be bitter and die angry and alone. I have heard women say that they are happy when they stopped trying to date men and just went single. I want to be like that so bad but I feel I can never be that for I feel my own sexuality makes me feel miserable that I am attracted to the very gender that is the oppressor of women as a whole.



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