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Is it morally wrong to let the global south suffering by closing the borders?

Was debating immigration with a leftist, by position has always been we need net-zero or net-negative immigration. No immigrants as they take away jobs from the working class and suppress wages. Nobody should be arguing against this since its true. The leftist responded saying that it is morally wrong to let the global south suffer by closing the borders. Thoughts?

I've done research on the impact of foreign remittances. While the migrants benefit from moving to richer countries, the countries they leave behind are worse off for it. There is the brain-drain, but these inflows of foreign cash also insulate portions of the population from domestic economic conditions and decrease the incentives to participate in politics.

I don't really get it. How does the global south suffer from closing the borders? Does extracting 0.5% of their population - most of which middle- and upper-class - lessen the suffering of the global south?

Opening borders isn’t actually going to address the issue.

The under developed world must be given a chance to develop.

This would require the USA, Europe, etc to reshore their manufacturing and agriculture, giving the opportunity for underdeveloped nations to build their internal markets rather than simply being plugged in the global supply chain and being stuck at the bottom of the global division of labor.



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