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spoilerWhite people have a simple choice to
1. Be conquered, enslaved, raped and
genocided while being called "racist".
2. Reclaim our nations and our dignity
while being called "racist".
It's that simple.

( @Paul4the2A )
@icycalm I only noticed this the last couple of years, but the anti white woke racism is somehow even MORE mean, vicious and nasty than pretty much any type of previous racism. Even your klansmen and skinheads will admit, if only grudgingly, that black people can fry the hell out of some chicken and play basketball like no other group and that asians are good at math. Its crazy how out of their way anti white racists will go to make everything the fault of the dreaded white man

( @Taranis1114 )
@Paul4the2A @icycalm Racism from Whites is usually more logical. There's a logical a reason behind it. The KKK, as an example, hunted down and killed blacks in the south because after the Civil War ended, blacks began causing lots of crime in the south, just like they do today. Wherever blacks are the majority population, crime always follows.
Most "anti-White racists" are just jews. They're the one group of people who have more racial hatred than any other group of people. And they condition other races to be just as anti-White through their mainstream media and education system.

( @Paul4the2A )
@Taranis1114 @icycalm I get what you are saying. You arent gonna have a bunch of white people arming up, getting ready for riots and crime when asians, eastern euros or, honestly hispanic and african immigrants move into the neighborhood the way you will when the area starts getting to be majority American black.. until 2020 I owned a brake and muffler shop in a predominately black neighborhood, and I kept a gun on my desk, in my toolbox and on my person. I sold out and moved to a small west Texas town thats about half white and half hispanic, and I dont even feel the need to carry. And whats a trip is that my wife and I get less stares and rude behavior here. according to the mainstream, a white man married to an African woman would be in danger here, right?



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