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( @Nature_and_Race )
This is why White people hate blacks.

Everywhere blacks go, they create only two things: Ghettos, and White people who hate them.

So long as blacks are allowed to roam freely in White societies, our White children will never be safe.

This one is particularly vicious. Was posted to Twitter, and of course a multitude of Blacks defended their co-racial aggressor. They think this is okay. Never forget that they put their own kind over any kind of rational or egalitarian principles. It could save your life--or your kid's. #DIEversity

( @McKennzo )
@Nature_and_Race I went to a nearly all black high school and I would never put my daughter through something like that.

( @atto )
@Nature_and_Race Black people are not creatures of reason and kindness. They are ferocious savages sent in by the jews to terrorize White communities.

( @WomblePoop )
@Nature_and_Race 100 % ive said it before - teach your kids to stay clear of the black and stop associating with them.. Don't even engage with them.

They demonstrate time and time again that they are wholly unfit to integrate with normal civilised people. Period.

( @MightIsRight88 )
@WomblePoop @Nature_and_Race Exactly - stop waving "hi", avoid saying hello, or returning a greeting. Don't hold the door open for them. Skip the pleasantries and do the absolute bare minimum needed to conduct your business.

Don't even let your kids talk to or associate with negroids at all. Make them feel awkward and unwelcome. Pretend they are invisible. Don't support any businesses that are owned by or staffed with blacks. Avoid areas where they are a majority. Show businesses that we are no longer willing to spend our money where the negroid is present.

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Nature_and_Race Only when a band of collective Whites stick together to defend ourselves can we truly be free from these animals.

( @Charlesalb777 )
@SoldierForChrist777 @Nature_and_Race Its every man for themselves, some whites only care about saving their own ass but not for others.

Plenty of weapons but nothing get done

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Charlesalb777 @Nature_and_Race Don't give up hope. We will have a rebirth of true White civilization or die trying.



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