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( Winter Rose )
My personal take on it is that "cis" is religious language for the faithful of the Woke church. Rather like a Christians referring to people as "sinners." (I don't mean the words themselves have anything in common, just that they mean something to religious people and mean nothing to those who are not believers. If you are not Christian, "sin" is meaningless.) It's a descriptor that only works if you believe the theology. If you don't believe the theology, the word means nothing to you.

Since I don't subcribe to the religion that says gender and sex are unrelated and what you feel inside is who you really are, "cis" is just three letters. The problems arise when this new "church" and state don't stay seperate because, as with any truly zealous believers, they are convinced beyond reason that this religion is the "truth" and therefore the faithful must convert the unenlightened because then we would have our utopia. Fortunately, Christians worked out a few centuries ago it doesn't work that way. Hopefully, this new faith will realise that's all it is. It's not science. It's not truth. It's faith. Believe it if you wish, but do not expect others to participate in your rites and rituals and terminology.

I will not, therefore, use the word "cis" any more than I would expect an atheist to speak of himself as a "sinner."

(Reverend Coffin's Other son)
I like to call them the Church of Genderology and the famous TRAs are their high priests.

I used the same analogy to a friend asking me about the meaning of cis. I said it’s like infidel, or kafir. Not of the faith. I don’t believe in the faith so I don’t accept that label for myself. I am not an infidel, nor am I cis.



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