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Police on Saturday stopped a U-Haul in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and arrested 31 people inside who police say have ties to a hate group. No weapons were found. The charge was “conspiracy to riot” near a Gay Pride parade. Now there’s a fuzzy shadow-language crime if I’ve ever heard of one. Look for this to disappear into ether.
What’s the first thing police do when they arrest, let’s say, a home invader wearing a ski mask? Duh, they take the mask off. They also remove anything like gloves, sunglasses, etc. No hat removal here though, not even to check for hidden items or contraband.

Police had their perps kneel down with their faces hidden. Strange that they didn’t pull their masks down when they put them in cuffs. It almost looks like they want to keep these glowworms, well, undercover.

Why would they all already have masks on in the back of a dark truck where nobody could see them? And wearing sunglasses in a dark U-Haul? Don’t see how that combines.
It honestly takes a special person to allow themselves to be locked in the back of a hot dark truck with 30 other special agents — I mean grown men.

With country spiraling toward Sub-Zero induced Americazuela insolvency, there sure are way too many resources being spent on nonsense like this.

Look at their completely straight posture with not one person hunched over. Look how clean all their boots are. Look how nobody looks the least bit distraught about being arrested. You can see the police smiling and talking with the offenders like they’re all homeboys. That’s a whole lot of coincidences.
It’s all theater. Glowfest 2022 style. This glows so bright, it’s no wonder they let them keep wearing the shades and masks.

What did they even do that’s illegal? You can’t gather and demonstrate now?

What can they charge them with besides seatbelt violations? Even if the mode of transport in a U-Haul is absurd, you can’t go to a gay pride event wearing matching Reclaim America shirts and have some basic shield protection?



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