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(To koniec)
Blackpill Ethnicites with lowest social status

Slavs have low social status, cause nobody has fetish for slavic men and slavic women are seem to popular due to that they are easier to obtain and have pale features.

Nations, ethinicities with low social are getting fucked by other men from other nations which have good time with their women. Think SEA basically.

British men are best example of this, i heard maaannnyyyy times that brits are ugly (especially women) which i can not say if it's true, but suprisingly to what everyone says, in one of korean interviews about if korean noodlewhores likes white men (you can guess answer), after italian men british was second answer and many comments on henry cavill one comments stated in comment section that 'handsome and BRITISH'

men with lowest social status in whole world are SEA men (ricecels from china and especially korea and japan don't have low social status @Tenshi made great thread about rising rice smv due to KPOP and anime)

CEO of Google = Indian
CEO of Microsoft = Indian
CEO of Mastercard = Indian
CEO of Adobe = Indian

name one slav which have such position

The only one that comes to mind is the cofounder of Google, Sergei Brin. But he was one of the founders, Wait, he's Jewish, nvm.
I can't think of any Slavic CEOs that were appointed to a high profile leadership position. I guess we really are the lowest social status.



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