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so what are ways to avoid this? age of consent laws seem to block men from marrying young teenage virgins


Age of consent as such is not the trick.

The trick is that most men are trapped in the fake dichotomy of "betabux vs. MGTOW". This particular Jew trick relies on the objective fact that some girls are too young to have sex; based on this fact is the proposition that the society needs to mandate the minimal age and police those who break the rule.

Since the alternatives that have worked for ages become "illegal", you are stuck with the fake choice mentioned above and think that no other possibilities exist. Even if one of the NPCs begins to question the narrative, the rest of the hive will hold them back, as in a crab bucket.

I believe that one of the reasons they hate incel sites is because we have the intellectual freedom to think beyond such fake choices, question all authority and speak out. And the reason we have that is because most incels are to various degrees ostracized from society. It means solitude, but it also provides the ability to observe the system from the outside and avoid the pressure into groupthink.

I can't propose a way to avoid age of consent (not here, anyway), but you can avoid getting tricked into treating it as a valid concept that determines your private life, its romantic aspect.



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