Bae Ingyu/Wangia #psycho #sexist #wingnut

The South Korean men waging a vulgar and violent war against feminists

"Look at all of these feminazis! That’s right, run away! At least you’ll get a bit of exercise!" laughs a man dressed up as the Batman villain the Joker, chasing a group of South Korean female activists and firing at them with a water pistol. The women are afraid; he’s enjoying himself.

Occasionally he glances at the camera: he’s livestreaming the whole episode on social media, where hundreds of people are encouraging him from behind their screens.

The man is Bae Ingyu, also known as "Wangia", which means "prince" in Korean. He’s a YouTuber and a central figure of the "New Men’s Solidarity" movement, which is waging a war against feminists.

In this video, Wangia is visible, armed with his water gun and surrounded by people filming him live for social media. He can be heard saying, ‘So you got water on you? Are you angry? God, there are so many insects here, there are so many. I’m going to kill the insects, they’re insects, right?’ (The term ‘insect’ is used by some feminists to designate anti-feminists).

"I heard that there were f*****g feminists here, I’m going to murder them all," he shouts in another video.

The anti-feminist YouTuber is wearing a long blonde wig and women’s clothing. From the roof of a van, he mocks feminists just metres away who are calling for an extension of abortion rights. He shouts into the microphone, "Waah waah, boohoo, I’m a victim because I’m a woman!"

The woman next to him adds, "I went to have a look at the feminists and got scared because they looked like bears".

"Perhaps I should buy you a tranquiliser gun," Wangia replies.

"It’s the first time he’s got so close to us, close enough to hit us if he wanted to. He started chasing us and shouting insults, but what really scared us was that we didn’t know what was in his water pistol – in South Korea, there have been several acid attacks and cases of ‘semen terrorism’ against women," Kim Ju-hee, a feminist organizer said.



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