kirisheart , Calidris & AriadneOnNaxos #transphobia

( kirisheart )
How do all the libfem and TRA Potterheads miss how this is just like Order of the Phoenix?
Order of the Phoenix is a wild book to return too, as Harry is quite literally living JK Rowling's reality right now. Harry and JK Rowling are both famous and spoke the truth. Harry told the truth about Voldemort's return and JK Rowling has only ever expressed concerns about women and girls by allowing males to self ID as women and that biological sex is real.

For speaking the truth they have each become hated and smear campaigns turning everyone against them. Have any of you re-read it since this all started? It's wild. Just like with JK Rowling everyone turned on Harry. Dumbledore's Army is basically Radfems and TERFs.

It's just wild how she is living out Harry's reality, only because she's a woman she has has to deal with all the misogyny too.

How are all these potterheads or former potterheads blind to this connection??

( Calidris )
Yes and I'm not kidding when I say, think about this every single day

I wonder what she thinks? Imagine your book weirdly becoming the truth. If it follows as in the books, she'll eventually be vindicated and the TRAs will be chased out by centaurs lol

( AriadneOnNaxos )
Yep. She wrote her principles into a series of books and is living by them, and the very people who grew up on those books (I read them in my 20s) are completely oblivious and hate her passionately for doing exactly what they idolised her protagonists for.

I guess they thought the message of the books was “Owls are cool, you are magic, have some butter beer” or something.

It’s enough to make you give up on the power of art to shape the human psyche.



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