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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
I digress, but the point is, if the culture tells children that it’s cool to be a sodomite, they will take it to heart. They seldom have the cognitive ability to withstand that propaganda on their own. If sexual orientation were truly inborn or innate, this would be extremely harmful, probably even more so than forcing heterosexuality on adolescents who are clearly gay. They’re essentially persecuting those who carry society, carry the human population. Just because they’re jealous and angry at them. And said kids are only identifying as LGBTQ because it’s the cool thing to do, NOT because they actually are sexually attracted to the same sex or because of persistent gender-confusion.

But if homosexuality were made, not born, that provides an even stronger incentive to not normalize homosexuality. Like I said earlier, for even a large minority of the population to be LGBTQ is a disaster for any future population growth, or the well-being of future generations, as few in number as they may be. If homosexuality were made, not born, the last thing that you want would be an environment that actively fosters homosexual orientation in children. It doesn’t fucking matter how much society kisses the LGBTQ community on the ass. Being gay, or especially trans, significantly reduces your quality of life.

And the fewer people who are willing or able to bear children the natural way, or at least provide existing children with a stable home environment with parental role models of both sexes, the more likely society will collapse.

The solution? We just need to accept the fact that homosexuality isn’t normal. There is no reason why our institutions need to normalize it, or treat it as equal to heterosexuality.

There’s no reason why marriage, as an institution, need to include homosexuals. Marriage is not a human right. Marriage was designed to provide the most ideal environment for healthy families to flourish, not to validate the feelings of those with disordered sexualities. Even if heterosexual marriage as an institution were failing due to high divorce rates, or the increasing acceptance of polyamory/cuckoldry, the solution would not be to implement further perversion of the definition of marriage. Marriage, by definition, is DISCRIMINATORY.




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