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Yes, technically it's easy enough to discover they have it. With the NIPT so cheap that it's come into extremely widespread use, and prenatal sonograms the norm even amongst poor people in poorer nations, fetuses whose karyotypes don't match their genitals are now being identified in the womb. Eventually, no one with CAIS and various other DSDs resulting in external anatomy inconsistent with their chromosomes and genes will be able to claim they didn't find out until puberty.

But that doesn't change the fact, nor will it change the fact, that legally it's not easy to keep persons with CAIS out of women's sports AT ALL. And in my comment, I was solely addressing your claim that it is "easy to keep them out of sports," which is entirely separate to the matter of public toilets - an issue that in the case of CAIS I don't care about and is not something I want to waste time getting into here.

The Caster Semenya case is soon to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights. Semenya is backed by every international "human rights" organization in the world, most of the MSM on the planet, all the powerful institutions in the Western world/Global North, including most major law firms in Europe and the Americas, and all the African and pan-African political organizations with clout and influence. The only country with a large population where the government and the general public seem to be strongly against Semenya and other XY DSD athletes being allowed into women's sports is India.

In this climate, and with all the legal decisions that have been made since the late 1980s, pray tell what exactly are the strategy and legal arguments for keeping CAIS out of women's sports? How are you - or "we" - gonna keep CAIS athletes out when the IAAF/WA have failed in being able to keep out athletes who have a range of other XY DSDs that leave no ambiguity about them being male, and there's no question that they possess the same exact male advantages that all normally-developed males do?

It was "easy enough to discover" that Martinez Patino had CAIS in the mid 1980s when MP sued the IAAF/WA. In fact, MP only sued because the mandatory sex chromosome and genetic testing then in place for all athletes seeking to compete in women's elite international sports easily discovered that MP is XY with CAIS. Yet MP won anyways, and female athletes have been losing out ever since.



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