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We are definitely in the minority when it comes to viewpoint, perspective and focus. There have been haters throughout the years that thought we must be a joke because we do not go with the radicals on the far left. Those haters had never been exposed to anyone who was diverse from them. We helped educate them, broaden their horizons, and expose their narrow views. There have been plenty within the PR and Marketing field that have embraced the diversity Family Friendly Gaming brings to the video game industry and video game media. On the opposite side of the coin there have been those in video game companies, video game media outlets, PR and Marketing that despise the diversity Family Friendly Gaming brings. They want us gone because we point people to God. They want us gone because we are not part of the bought off gaming media. They want to destroy us because we bring up concepts, thoughts, and ideas that they want to hide or gloss over. I expect this. There have even been readers expressing venomous hatred over the years. The death threats went a bit too far in my opinion. I disagree with a plethora of people in the industry. I don't threaten them because they have a different viewpoint. Live and let live is a concept some people need to embrace going forward. It is astounding how many in the video game industry and video game media are proud of being rebellious, disrespectful, hateful, and mean toward God and His people.



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