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The Pro-Life side WILL win in the end
Throughout time, those who have viewed other people as less than human have always been on the wrong side of history. The owning of slaves, Jim Crow laws, Nazism, Communism, etc. Viewing human beings of any size as anything else than what they are is a losing strategy. It might take time, but I have hope.

It’s harder because the unborn can’t speak up like African Americans during Jim Crow. Not impossible though.

The African Americans didn't magically achieve equality just by speaking up. They needed voices, white voices to listen and agree with them and stand up for them as well. It's not much different here except the unborn have a melting pot of support

I can’t remember who it was. It may been Charlie Kirk, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, he said the only way things like Nazism and Jim Crow can happen is if a percentage of the population is dehumanized. Then he talked about how the unborn babies are being dehumanized.

They're an easy target for hatred because- unlike other groups- babies can't defend themselves.

And when it does, they'll find someone else to oppress

I feel unborn humans is the last barrier of human rights violation. They are the perfect target for oppression not able to defend themselves and their killings committed in secrecy so I cannot imagine the humans that have a voice will be silenced.

As soon as we win the democrats are going to BLM all over again

EXACTLY. Human rights have expanded with time not shrunk. Even unborn babies have some rights depending on the jurisdiction (like past 25 weeks in most places) so is a matter of moving those rights a few weeks more. Piece of cake lol

I wonder when the parties will "switch" again when the left has to own up to abortion.

The party switch is the most hilarious thing ever. It's just a totally made-up cope for them to cling to when they have to deal with the past.



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