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Several of the kakistocracy’s media henchmen continue to fire upon the “conspiracy theory” community.

British newspaper The Guardian allowed thought-crime think-tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) to chime in with an op-ed it titled “Stop the online conspiracy theorists before they break democracy.”

Even the op-ed’s subtitle contains not-so-thinly, veiled, neuro-linguistic programming and wash, rinse, repeat jamming.

“Cannibals, aliens and clandestine lizard overlords: thanks to algorithms, such ideas threaten the future of Europe.”

Then it continues on with the standard gaslighting.

Where to even begin.

I have to say (as you can imagine) that I spend plenty of time in conspiracy theory circles (good, bad and indifferent, they can’t be generalized). Other than David Icke fans, I know of almost no one who seriously entertains lizard overlord theory or bothers to discuss this strawman fallacy. And even Icke has shifted gears to a more solid theory: Sabbatean Frankism.

There’s an acquisitive, authoritarian, inherently vile and deceitful ruling class (aka kakistocracy) and its Crime Syndicate apparatus, and there’s the rest of us. This is, for all practical purposes, the underlying conspiracy theory. Everything else that we write about stems, to one degree or another, off of that.
I am not allowing the BBC, the Slimes, The Guardian or any other of kakistocratic media institutions to gaslight me into believing that questioning proven liars is the same thing as having a delusional mental illness. They would be better served by crawling back under their slimy rocks.



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