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Within the Plan of Evolution of Worlds, Earth is leaving behind the frequency of the Third Dimension, a vibration that has always accompanied it since its earliest history. We are entering higher frequency bands, with the lowest frequency corresponding to that of the Fifth Dimension.

In fact, what exists are energetic vibrations corresponding to certain frequency ranges, known as dimensions.
In the 3D frequency, matter is predominant. Everything is coarser, heavier. Everything is based on carbon, because that makes all impermanent. Carbon decomposes and renews itself, as if it were reborn from itself. This partly explains the Wheel of Samsara, which is nothing but the ring of reincarnations.
Today, everything is expanding rapidly. The veils are being lifted one by one, and in not too long, human consciousness will no longer be the same. We are in the final decades of the planetary transition, which was estimated to last three centuries.
Let’s talk about the dissolution of the third dimension. Everything is declining now. The last 50 years are the most amazing within these 3 centuries. Back around 2001, Gesara was to be proclaimed in September that year. Gesara is a definition corresponding to the exchange of all existing 3D systems to adapt them to the new 5D reality.

The occult forces that have always ruled humanity through work and debt do not want to accept the end of 3D because they cannot resist the new higher frequencies. Even if it is a universal plan, some human actions may promote or delay these processes, since everything is energy. Why in September 2001 retaliation was instituted. You all know the (9/11) consequences.

Nevertheless, as a result of the expansion of collective consciousness, the Earth timeline was changed in 2010. With the exception of the Armageddon timeline, a new, softer and less painful timeline was introduced. This timeline is valid until the end of this transition.

By 2050, no remnants of Old Earth will remain.



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