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[From "Blacks aren't smart enough to be scientific"]

A year ago today, a nigger by the name of Adrianne Gladden-Young was whining that too many of the scientists who were trying to cure the Wuhan Flu are white. I thought it was only fair, since the scientists who created it were all yellow
Well if she's dumb enough to think that "I can't breathe" was something Thug Floyd said "while pleading" then no wonder she was being kept away from the centrifuge
Whitey told you to go easy on the fried chicken, don't go blaming us because you just can't resist…
It's curious that Gladden-Young is also unaware of how triage works[…]In the early days of the Wuhan Flu scare, it was believed that there would be tides of dead bodies in the streets because the media (and activist scientists like Gladden-Young) kept insisting this was a horrendously deadly and contagious disease
Maybe their grades aren't high enough (even though many schools[…]have already vastly lowered academic standards so that even any blacks could be admitted)? Maybe not very many blacks bother to apply (I hear graduate studies is a lot of work). Years of getting a free leg up and still aren't getting the results you want?
Much like the statements (and $20 bills) of Gorilla Floyd, this claim[…]is a fraud[…]We expect tribal negros to lie and fake victim status in order to get something free from superior taxpaying whites. We expect scientists to listen to evidence



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