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Have you ever seen water cling to a concave surface?

Have you ever looked at the stars with a zoom camera like the Nikon P-900?

There are a lot of questions regarding our lives here on Earth, but none is more fundamental than asking exactly where we live.

Is it a planet? Or do we live under a firmament, as mentioned in the Bible?

Often the first question is: Why would we be lied to about this?

It's the same reason we've been lied to about taking vaccines for an invented "covid" virus.

The satanic Jews have decided it's better you believe anything they tell you, rather than see the truth for yourself. It is better, according to them, that you believe that a Big Bang fortuitously created everything that exists out of nothing, and that you are a freak of nature, derived from fish walking on land and turning into monkeys, and then "evolving" into human beings. You are nothing but a speck of dust in the gigantic universe, evolved by chance, and with no purpose in the world but to accumulate money and self-grandeur.

But doesn't that eliminate God from our lives? That is clearly the satanic Jews' purpose.
In the end, it is up to the reader or investigator to attempt to erase the brainwashing of the satanic Jews and reconfigure his or her worldview to the world's established science prior to 500 years ago, when every culture in the world believed in a flat earth with a firmament. It's Copernicus and Galileo and Newton, all Freemasons that we have been taught to idolize, who have been written into science lore as the Satanic Jews' revenge upon us all.

Satan's greatest deception was to make us believe that he doesn't exist. Yet God's greatest truth is that He created everything. Satan can only deceive--he can not create. We only have to look up at the sky (preferably with a Nikon P-900) to see that God created everything that exists. The sun revolves around the Earth; the Earth does not move; and the sun, moon, and stars are all lights attached to the Firmament.



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