Anonymous Commenter #elitist

>give normalfags access to the web
>a place where they can say and host anything
>they choose walled garden social media instead
>they ruin the entire web in less than 10 years

>give normalfags access to all the free audio, video, vidya, books, and contnet they could ever
>in better quality than any streaming service or cable provider
>they pay $10 a month to multiple low quality streaming services instead
>where content is constantly censored, removed, or edited to suit the opinions of people that don't
even watch it
>they ruin the entire entertainment sector in less than a decade as content providers produce
more and more low effort shit that caters to people that don't even play/watch/listen to it

>give normalfags access to hardware so powelful a nerd in the late gos would have murdered someone for it
>its so small they can carry it with them everywhere
>you can always get an internet connection
>normalfags use the device to take pictures of themselves to share with other normalfags
>this eventually morphs into short videos where they do retarded dances and point at slogans seen on screen
>ruin the concept of OC in less than a decade
>everyone producing high quality work is drowned out or gives up all together

>give normalfags access to the world's collective knowledge and archives detailing everything you can imagine
>instead of reading it, learning from it, debating it with others, and improving upon it they do web searches to find opinion pieces that
align with their existing opinion and beliefs
>they demand everything they personally dislike be censored instead of closing their eyes or the webpage they're viewing
>they incite campaigns to deplatform anything they don't like when they don't get their way
>took them less than 10 years to ruin free speech on the internet

Why do they ruin everything7 Why did we allow this to happen?



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