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>give normalfags access to the web
>a place where they can say and host anything
>they choose walled garden social media instead
>they ruin the entire web in less than 10 years

>give normalfags access to all the free audio, video, vidya, books, and contnet they could ever
>in better quality than any streaming service or cable provider
>they pay $10 a month to multiple low quality streaming services instead
>where content is constantly censored, removed, or edited to suit the opinions of people that don't
even watch it
>they ruin the entire entertainment sector in less than a decade as content providers produce
more and more low effort shit that caters to people that don't even play/watch/listen to it

>give normalfags access to hardware so powelful a nerd in the late gos would have murdered someone for it
>its so small they can carry it with them everywhere
>you can always get an internet connection
>normalfags use the device to take pictures of themselves to share with other normalfags
>this eventually morphs into short videos where they do retarded dances and point at slogans seen on screen
>ruin the concept of OC in less than a decade
>everyone producing high quality work is drowned out or gives up all together

>give normalfags access to the world's collective knowledge and archives detailing everything you can imagine
>instead of reading it, learning from it, debating it with others, and improving upon it they do web searches to find opinion pieces that
align with their existing opinion and beliefs
>they demand everything they personally dislike be censored instead of closing their eyes or the webpage they're viewing
>they incite campaigns to deplatform anything they don't like when they don't get their way
>took them less than 10 years to ruin free speech on the internet

Why do they ruin everything7 Why did we allow this to happen?

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Hope you all are having a fantastic day and night right now.
12/7 Is a very big day that change the whole world for all of us.
I'm going to be posting a lot about Pearl Harbor
plus of course info is coming out that president
Trump actually birthday is today.
Happy Birthday DJT! Your actually true birthday
gemantria (sic) is starting to make sense now. The
Hidden Son. Nobody knew that he was General Pattons son.

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Thank you for resolutely standing with 🇮🇱 and supporting our right to self defense against terrorist attacks.

India also supporting sir🇮🇳

We Israelis don't need support of some dung bath scums and urine drinkers. Go worship your cows and please stop lifting our balls... FFS! STOP Ruining image of our country by putting your country's flag with Israel 🇮🇱

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[A right-wing website asked how to deal with atheists in America. Here are some of the responses:]


I say kill them all and let them see for themselves that there is God




I thinly we should hang the leader of that group on the cross with nails through their hands and feet, place a crown of thorns upon their head, RAM a spear through their side all after being whipped and beaten publicly! Just so they can endure what Christ did so they understand the sacrifice behind what that cross symbolizes.


thats easy shoot them


I love Jesus, and the cross and if you dont, I hope someone rapes you!


Kill em all…let God sort em out. Guess what Atheists....


Shoot them. Shoot to kill.


stupid athiests, I hope God kills them all



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I don't usually like making generational generalizations (lol kinda a pun) but I do think that women demand less from men than at any point in modern American history. It seems like for millennial women it's "wrong" to expect a man to pay for a date or to wait until he's proven himself to have sex with him or to actually care about how much money a man is on track to make.

Millennial women are just supposed to be compliant sex dolls who also cook and clean and go 50/60 on all bills—maybe even be the breadwinner in addition to taking care of those household duties. And they definitely cannot expect marriage which they are told is just a "piece of paper" when it clearly isn't.

I feel like we're in a very regressive time when it comes to relationships between men and women. It's like women are being aggressively bullied into having zero standards via memes/ internet discussion, the media, and the dating scene in general. Especially black women. I hate to see it.

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The VAGINA is a liberal organ of Satan, present in all females after the FALL OF MAN, that exists to to seduce unwittingly stupid men into vile abominations unto the LORD. However, in Western culture, this evil organ is somehow given godlike status and has prompted numerous individuals into hysteria regarding the exalted status of this filthy body part. Matthew 7:18 says, “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” It is objectively verifiable that since this corrupt organ does evil while sinners think it does good, the evil fruits are what it produces.

LIBERALS like to think that society should talk more positively about this disgrace to God’s kingdom, citing the justification that the entire body is wonderful, and righteousness and self control are obsolete. Romans 12:1 clearly says that “I beseech ye therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Therefore, highlighting and focusing on the worst part of the anatomy is not what God intended.

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Advice to foids on how to take care of their vagina because they’re too dumb to figure it out on their own therefore require men to teach them

modern vaginas are just as repulsive as their bearers.. all historically depicted pussies are neat and tucked, they didn't have massive dildos or have sex with countless men. and no pedo but young prepubescent girls have roast beef, this shit only happens after they start jamming shit up there.

GIRLS when you put your tampons in do it delicately, too many of you pull the vagina to the side too roughly, OF COURSE doing that is going to cause the flaps to become worn and become loose and dangle. you fucking stupid repulsive cunts, god damn yous are so stupid, you can't even handle taking care of your vagina without men having to tell you what to do. fucking idiots.

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(NOTE: This is a poster which an incels.co member is apparently planning to post all over his uni.)


HEY YOU!! Are you an involuntarily celibate? Are you having troubles finding dates on tinder and in real life? Are you a frustrated lonely depressed virgin?

Come join incels.co today! Embrace your subhumanity

Here you will take the blackpill and learn about:

- The truth about feminism
- Female nature
- Hypergamy
— The importance of looks
- The importance of looks
The importance of looks
— How to LDAR in style
— How to cope knowing it’s over

Take the blackpill today


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[It’s Over] Got brutally Mogged at the swimming pool by a kid

Today at the swimming pool a kid, probably a future Chad (a white, blonde kid btw), was swimming in the line next to mine and that little brat was swimming like a fish. All four strokes, including the butterfly, with impeccable technique.

I could swim faster than him, but not by much and above all he could seemingly swim as long as he wanted, while I had to make pauses every 50m or so.

He was probably around 10, definitely not a teenager yet.

And I thought I was actually getting good at this. Yeah, right, just an other discipline where I’m just deluding myself.

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Who is Q? 01 Q is about 10 people in military intel & Trump admin.
What is Q’s purpose? 02 To awaken the population to the evil global cabal elite.
Why is this necessary? 03 The satanic cabal controls media, money. meds & minds.
When did Q start? 04 Q’s first post was 10.28.17. but plan started years ago.
Can Q be trusted? 05 You decide, Q posts keep coming true in the news.
Can Trump be trusted? 06 You decide. Trump’s policies all weaken the cabal
Can Military be trusted? 07 You decide. Marines are personally protecting Trump.
Can Media be trusted? 08 You decide. Media tells you what to THINK. Reconcile.
How does Q = Trump? 09 Q posts first. then Trump confirms with tweet ‘clues’.
What are the clues? 10 Typos & timing intervals of Trump tweets match Q posts.
Any other evidence? 11 Q predicts things only Trump would know. Over & over.
Who are LARP’s? 12 Bad actors in cabal hired to discredit Q posts & blind you.
Who are QAnons? 13 Patriots that research Q posts for evidence on the Chans.
What is QAnon.pub? 14 A safe place for newbies to read every new Q post.
What is Reddit? 15 Reddit has lots of Q boards with 50% real & 50% fake.
What is 4Chan? 16 Q started here. Not for newbies. Just above dark web.
What is 8Chan? 17 Q posts here now. QAnons only. Don’t visit. Need VPN.

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I heard Vietnamese girls will spread their legs for White men very easily. I also heard Viet girls love getting raw dawged. Yummy! That's so hot! I'm so ready for Vietnam. I just got a job offer, and will be moving to Ho Chi Minh end of August. I'm so pumped for Vietnam. I'm so ready to shoot my love juice in so many hot Vietnamese girls!

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[Image transcript: Inevitably, some dumb cunt pops up to make the claim that "oh, you're just ignoring all the women who don't fit your hypothesis just so you can be right." That's wrong, because it's literally the opposite: I WANT to be wrong about this. An independent woman who can think for herself is the only type of woman I'm attracted to. OF COURSE I want her to exist. OF COURSE I want her to be real. Do you think it's fun thinking the entire opposite gender is dumb, shallow, and whoreish, and that the only level-headed, personable, rational women in the world are fictional and don't really exist? It's not. It hurts to live like that.

Every single woman I come across, I desperately hope that she's independent, rational, and doesn't let her personality completely revolve around one superficial thing (e.g. the fact that she's a woman, her race, her hobbies, an ideology, and so on). I don't do this because I want to get with her, I do this because it would give me hope that other women like her are out there, and that my depressing outlook was mercifully wrong. I haven't found one yet and I'm getting worried. I don't think these things because I hate women, I think these things because I love women, and I want them to be the good people I know they can theoretically be. Why aren't you?]

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Transcript of the image: friendly reminder

a transwoman is a male with a female brain.

a transman is a female with a male brain.

all "women" who commit violent crimes have male brains, whether they admit it or not.

all "men" who commit violent crimes have female brains, whether they admit it or not.

real women are not violent.

real men are.

there are no exceptions.

#men #women #transmen #transwomen #yesallmen #misandry #male #female #killallmen #feminism #feminist #anti men

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Description: A bunch of TERF commenters on r/GenderCritical talking about their ideal post-patriarchal society.

1st comment: Dismantling the patriarchy: remove the ability of males to attain governmental positions for a time no less than two decades.

2nd comment: Only movies that pass the Bechdel test are allowed in theaters. Producing porn or hiring prostitutes is considered rape and penalized as such.

3rd comment: Second, tax incentives for the first two girl babies for any family. For, let's say, a solid 20 years. We'll figure out a way to either sex fetuses very early or maybe develop a spermicide that weeds out xy sperm? Fourth, male crimes against women are classed as hate crimes no matter the circumstances. Paying for sex, whether in porn or via prostitution is now classed as rape and falls under this umbrella.

4th comment: Reduce the male/female birth ratio from 1:1 to 1:10 and modify the y-chromosone to reduce male testosterone as much as possible while retaining fertility. A 90% female society with weak, unaggressive men will be female-dominated naturally.

5th comment: Having said that, biology is part of the problem. I hold the same material belief as some gender essentialists but I take a diametrically opposite moral conclusion from it: gender disparity arises from nature and that means nature is sexist.

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(A screenshot of an unknown person's facebook comment.

It reads:

"White men/society/media: Asian men are losers, no social skills, and weak

Asian women: Ah, yes! So true. *Cuddles with white guy*

Asian men: Really guys?

Asian women: Shut up misogynistic patriarchal loser! You are oppressing us!

No, sweetheart. White men are but you love them anyway because white can do no wrong. Or white can do wrong but it's forgiven because they are white men. Do what you want but you should leave asian men out of this. Stop blaming asian men for why you want to date white men. White women have been trying to escape white men's patriarchal bullshit for a century now. But you're all fighting to be underneath it. Sad.

White women don't leave white men for their shit despite it all but you jump at the opportunity to bad mouth asian men for a white woman's scraps. Sad.

Edit: Also @ the "Asian men are still men and have privilege" arguments- Asian men are emasculated. They are not seen as "real men". They are seen as non-threatening, submissive, weak and are target for violence and bullying. Male privilege is hardly extended to them as they cannot reap the full benefits of it like men of other races. You're all being so dense about this!")

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(Concerning Elliot Rodger’s taste in fiction.)



Boobly Noobly: At least Elliot liked Avatar the Last Airbender, and not that lesbian piece of shit released after it. He had good taste for an autist with anxiety problems and sociopathic episodes.

Romano Cooms: As an actual SJW, Korra was lazy, spiteful, edgy fanfic - The Internet Police

kalackninja: You both are cancer and need the Jew raped out of you, btw haven't watched either.


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[Note: the source link directs to this screencap, not to the actual Gab post]


[Yes. I am fine with sexbots and/or genetically engineered sex slaves and artificial wombs and just outright elimination of females entirely. I have been unable to formulate a logical argument against that position, at least.

Dolls are bretty weird tho.

I had a chat with my lawyer and my money is basically dried up. Just an update.

I'm gonna figure out something I can post so no one thinks I'm bullshitting on that.

Lawsuits are expensive.

I have no way to receive anything other than crypto right now.]