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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
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There’s no reason why they need more “representation” in popular culture, much less in media aimed at children or families.

There’s no reason why it needs to be taught in public schools, especially since the LGBTQ community is increasingly reluctant to disavow predators and groomers in their midst. As miffed as they are at the notion that homosexuality and transgenderism is a slippery slope to pedophilia, they are rather slow (if not outright unwilling) to disavow things like Queer Kids Stuff, Drag Queen Story Hour, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir, etc. Or to support Florida’s anti-grooming bill. They consistently botch any opportunity given to them to disprove the notion that LGBTQ and pedophilia are connected to each other, other than protesting too much. Actions speak louder than words.

With that said, with homosexuality unable to carry human society the same way heterosexuality does, with the fact that homosexuality may actually be unhealthy, both for those who practice it, and potentially for society at large, gays should simply be grateful that society tolerates them at all, that they can cohabitate in peace without the police barging into their homes.

They should shut the fuck up and leave everyone else alone.




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