various commenters #transphobia

Where do you stand?

( Triselly )
I appreciate this comment may be removed, but what's the number for barely considering these monsters to be human anymore?

They are broken males who have forfeited their souls to their libidos.

( Lemonade_Masquerade )
Yeah, I keep it tamer on this site but I genuinely hate men who call themselves women. 10-15 years ago I was ignorant to how many there were, so I was mostly apathetic to them. They seemed like one of many breeds of sexist men, but a low priority issue. I consider that a mistake on my part. Now that I know they are actively trying to erode women's rights and teach children to hate their bodies and sterilize themselves, as well as co opting the LGB movement for themselves and their homophobic ends, I will not ignore them or underestimate them again. I may call them men here, but that's only because my preferred words are banned on this site. They've shot up my shit list ahead of incels/PUAs, male politicians, and "good christian" men in record time.

No concessions. No compromise. No "good" trans who gets a free pass for acknowledging sex. No men in women's spaces. Full stop.

( Chronicity )
I’m a 8.

TW are disturbed men who have been brainwashed into psychologically, chemically and physically harming themselves. Validating their identities is an assault on feminism when it requires us to pretend men can know what it feels like to be a woman.

( hard_headed_woman )
I'm a 10.

TW are men, who belong in the category of males for every aspect of their lives. I fight to rid the world of men larping as women on official documents like drivers' licenses and passports. I reject the claim that men know what it "feels" like to be a woman. I reject all medical interventions for any person under the age of 25, and do not believe that governments or insurance companies should pay for transgender cosmetic services and surgeries.

( unlearningtrans )
I think transgender medicine should be banned for anyone but agree that under 25 is a good place to start.



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