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There is no just peace in our post-modern war. As discussed in my blog Societal sodomizing, ceding any ground through goodwill measures only results in dangerous nihilist conquest. Politely tolerating private hedonism among consenting adults was never good enough.

So now, the differences between sides – traditionalists vs. the rainbow mafia – are too stark to ignore. People’s worldviews are just too diametrically opposed. The queer combatants’ quest for victory at all costs is too drastic and deadly. There is no turning back.

They’ve taken the hill. They’ve taken the whole damn countryside and those with systemic power do their bidding. Their weaponized coercion is the lubricant necessary for our tacit or willing submission.

They want the heavy hand of the law, corporate media, and big business to browbeat people into doing what they wouldn’t voluntarily do. And by couching their banal arguments in the language of liberty, it makes folks reminiscent of the West’s past glories of “righting wrongs” and “correcting the errors of history.”
Pedophilia is most certainly at the bottom of this slippery sodomizing slope down which we’ve all been shoved. But the nihilists were right about one thing: it is indeed about protecting the children.

The war is here whether we like it or not, and our sons and daughters are on the front lines in this conflict. The question then becomes will we stand together? Will you stand for other resistors? Will you take the risk? I pray you will.

There is no just peace in this struggle. So unless you’re willing to hand over your children to the enemy, you’d better start fighting with the Sword of Truth. Democracy be damned.



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