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Men are born rapists and love rape

Men love watch real life rape or fake(?) on porn sites, nowadays incest rape/sex is very popular, so men fantasize about raping their sisters or mothers. Yeah that is scary shit but just give me another explanation why incest sex is so popular ? Men are degenerate rapists, fucks and sociopaths. Why most women don't get this? And Ii is not socialization but biology, almost in every species males rape females often to death.

In most species the males will chase, exhaust or use force and violence when mating with a female. Rape is simply a valid mating strategy for a male, nothing more, and I dare say that it is the DEFAULT mating strategy. Rape only became taboo in patriarchal societies with marriage, to protect MEN from becoming cuckolds. Yes, all men are born rapists and they will all rape when given a chance, which you also see in every war and similar crisis where they can get away with it. Just like "good men" can be turned into heartless killers by few months of boot camp, they can be turned into rapist by just giving them the opportunity - because they were really killers and rapists by nature. They are just born to kill, steal, rape, die. They are biologically disposable weapons and they bred women into submissive slave-class by killing any woman strong willed enough to resist and favoring the most compliant females. Humanity is a fucking disease.

Of all the searches that begin, “I want to have sex with my …”, 75 percent end with a word indicating a family member, such as “brother” or “sister,” according to Everybody Lies. The most common way to complete this search is with “mom.”' - yeah women keep going breeding men so they can fantasize about raping you in the future. Good luck mums, you know men are awesome LOL, women you naive retards, yeah mothers are the worst.



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