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But there is no story to follow. Not even supervillains can express "homophobia" under the rules of political correctness, nor can a black man be a total badass, like Luke Cage the Power Man once was, nor can a handicapped guy been seen to suffer, as Matt Murdock the Daredevil once did, nor can a sexual pervert have any personality, as no incarnation of Batwoman ever did. No woman can be seen to suffer nor to fail at any task, nor fall short in any way, as all the prior generations of superheroines once did, and their older sisters, the Cliffhanger Queens such as Nyoka of the Jungle or the Daughter of Don Q reach triumph without shoot-outs, chases, escapes, fist fights, cat fights, cave-ins, wild ape attacks, torture, mayhem, or being trapped beneath a lowering ceiling of spikes.

Compare this to girl-type Captain Marvel, or girl-type Hawkeye or Batwoman the Lesbian, who overcomes whole space fleets of aliens without breaking a fingernail, and suffers neither doubt nor heartache, loses no friends, does not have any Uncle Ben killed through her negligence, has no Aunt May to care for, nor J Jonah Jameson to be her overbearing bossman. She is never low on money, never turned down for a date, never called bad names, never faces anyone able to hurt her. There is no story there.

Quick-- without looking it up -- we all know Batman's origin story, right? Fine. What do we know about Katie Kane the Batwoman, aside from her sexual orientation? Any parents killed by mobsters? Home planet of "batworld" blew up? Magic bat-ring ring from alien space-cop? Exiled from paradise because she fell in love with a handsome flyboy? Last survivor of of the bat-people of Mars? Learned the mystic arts from a bat-worshipping Tibetan? Bitten by a radioactive bat? Anything?

I confess I am not familiar with this character. I know nothing about her, aside from her status as a poster child for perverts. I know the origins for all the batgirls, however, the police commissioner's librarian daughter, the mute superninja raised by assassins, the daughter of the c-list supervillain Cluemaster. Can anyone name any storyline or story arch that was really memorable for Batwoman? Any stories.



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