Robert Oscar Lopez #homophobia

Language distortion spreads like mold. After a certain point, you can't recover common sense anywhere, and all is lost. The inability to see the word "person" as the word clearly presents itself led, in America's case, to the total inability to understand the words "man," "woman," "mother," "father," "child," and "marriage."

The public supported a basic truth: the sexual relationship between a man and a woman is unlike any other relationship, especially because this one uniquely produces new human life; hence, society needs to recognize the sacred nature of such a bond rather than muddle it with analogies to same-sex relationships, which are in many ways hard to differentiate from friendships. Many people who were formerly in the gay lifestyle and then came out could attest to the fact that gay relationships, no matter how much we wish to respect them, differ substantially from a heterosexual bond and will never be able to replace male-female unions.

By 2015, the deterioration of language was far-reaching. I participated in the legal efforts to resist the redefinition of family because I knew that every child has a mother and father, somewhere, even if one or both are in the grave. The only possession with which a child is naturally born, in fact, is his relationship to the man and woman from whose flesh he was conceived. Court after court brushed aside this commonsense reality and instead lost its train of thought in bizarre word definitions.

Through sophistry, the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment meant that same-sex couples had equal rights to children but that the children obtained in fulfillment of this right did not have equal rights to a mother and father.



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