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They weren’t born homosexual. If you read “Sexual Sabotage” and “After the Ball”, you’ll discover the propaganda and lies used to normalize homosexuality, which is a Cultural Marxist victim group.

You hate homosexuals, because you approve of a behavior that is destroying them and the nation. You’re bigoted against God, morality, Christ, the Bible, and virtue. Shameful.

The fact homosexuality was illegal in 1776, is entirely relevant, though not to you, since you are charging into a conversation with your nonsensical propaganda and have done zero serious independent research on the topic in your life. You need to keep your mouth SHUT on topics you’ve never educated yourself on, thoroughly.

Where did you get the idea that your opinion and that of other people comes before the opinion of natural law, and the nature’s God, which is where our rights come from, according to the Declaration of Independence? We are not a Democracy, and morality isn’t subject to decisions of voters and judges. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

...This is why people who are wise, NEVER SPEAK ON TOPICS THEY HAVE NOT EXHAUSTIVELY STUDIED WITH AUTHORITY. If you get nothing else from this conversation, that lesson alone can revolutionize your life. And you’re getting it for free. However, tens of millions of Americans despise free wisdom, and prefer to be deceived and brainwashed in colleges and by “experts” for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Which five biographies [of America's Founders] did you read? Name them, please. Of course they didn’t discuss homosexuality, no one back then was as insane as you are. They all understood it was a severe crime against nature.

...Without objective standards like the Bible and Constitution, corrupt men like you would be tyrants. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” as Lord Acton said.


The Founders' ideas on the Constitution are easily deciphered. You can type up “Apologist Press, Founders, homosexuality” in any search engine and the link with their views will come up.



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