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My experience with Zeus.

So, a few weeks ago, i was told there would be an outdoors party on 5/26 (yesterday) with a family friend i don't like. The thing is, on this day i was planning on doing something with a friend online. So i asked Zeus to please create a thunderstorm or something so i can stay home. And guess what? Yesterday, there was thunder and lightning. (I'm from Connecticut) When i heard it rain heavily i was starting to shake because did Zeus actually listen to me? Then, when i heard the thunder and flashes, i also began to shake and feel intense emotion. And yes, i was able to stay home yesterday. Now, is it possible this was a coincidence? Maybe, but it's been the first thunderstorm of this year, I'm pretty sure. But then again, why would Zeus fulfill my request for a random mortal such as myself? Anyways, it could just be a rare coincidence, maybe I'm way way overthinking, but still I'm very astonished and it had increased my faith in Hellenism even more.

I also experienced an intense storm that day, even though I’m several states to the south of you. Likely part of the same storm system moving through that part of the country.

Your interpretation that this naturally occurring and far-reaching weather phenomenon is specifically a sign for you is just that, your own interpretation.

How do you know that it's naturally occurring?



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