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[From "Yes, Secession Is Constitutional. The 10th Amendment Proves It."]

E pluribus unum

The principle behind that short Latin phrase is just as controversial now as it was at two of the most important junctures in American history: the War for Independence and the Civil War

As division continues to grow between left and right and between Democrat and Republican, ideas such as secession and “national divorce” are increasingly raised and debated

While the political establishment has long claimed that the secession question was definitively settled by the North’s victory during the Civil War, recent developments have proven the universal truth that in politics, nothing is ever truly settled[…]
Secession can appear an enticing option. Why should leftist and conservative states continue together when our politics are so abhorrent to one another?[…]
The Constitution may not have a “secession clause” in it; but then, it’s common sense that no government ever plants within itself the framework for its own demise

But that does not mean secession is unconstitutional, illegal, treasonous, or insurrectionist[…]
The constitutionality of secession is simple to prove:

First, it is crucial to establish that[…]the Founders believed in a natural right of secession, which they articulated very explicitly in the Declaration of Independence[…]
Constitution has no provision prohibiting a state from seceding. Therefore, the logical conclusion, based on the 10th Amendment, is that the states do have that right[…]
So while there are many valid questions and arguments, including whether secession is the right solution at all or whether nullification and a return to true federalism are more viable answers to current federal overreach, the fact remains that secession is moral, legal, and constitutional



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