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[From “Putin’s Paradise? As Expats Flee a More Soviet America, Is Russia Now More Like 1950s U.S.?”]

Carlson has some company in his sentiments — American expats[…]
Joseph Rose, stated when asked about life in Russia, “I often say it feels like our positive vision of 1950s America”[…]
Peter Frohwein, 62, would like to start a new family but says that he “wouldn’t seriously consider” doing so in the U.S[…]
Rose, “I do think it was God leading me to where I needed to be[…]I would say that Russia is becoming a bastion of Christianity and that America is becoming the opposite”[…]
The expats did not take issue with President[…]Putin[…]Some[…]see Putin through rose-colored glasses[…]
Koffler points out while addressing the expat situation that Russia is no paradise, calling it “an authoritarian state”[…]Unfortunately, this increasingly describes the “Soviet” West[…]only with a different (rainbow?) flavor[…]
This apparently is what drove expat farmer Arend Feenstra and his wife Anneesa to flee Canada for Russia with their 10 children, as the sexual-devolutionary (“LGBTQ”) persecution in their native country just became too intense[…]
The irony here is that while America was founded by people fleeing religious persecution — people who’d been considered troublemakers in their native lands — now anti-woke “troublemakers” are sometimes fleeing to Russia seeking religious freedom

Of course, it’s tempting to, depending on one’s point of view, call these expats sage or stupid[…]
As for Putin, for all his faults, he has defended the family and Christianity and criticized “transgenderism,” homosexual propaganda, and the moral relativism permeating civilization[…]
What’s more, since demography is destiny, America’s continuous irrational, nation-rending (im)migration renders us an unstable land; in contrast, Russia’s demographic stability ensures that it will continue being Russia — even a century hence

Will the West still be the “West” when that time comes?

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[From “FAA Seeks to Hire the Deaf, Blind, and Insane as a Door Blows off a Jet Owned by Airline Obsessed With Sex Perversion”]

As doors fall off Boeing jets[…]and the airline that owns the jet focuses on convincing customers that it’s one big bathhouse of homosexual fun, it’s worth looking at the Federal Aviation Administration[…]to see what that regulatory agency’s priorities are for hiring

If you’re deaf, blind, or just plain nuts, the FAA has a job for you. And the deafer, blinder, and nuttier you are, the faster you’ll get hired[…]
“The Secretary of Transportation has set a hiring goal of three (3) percent per fiscal year for individuals with targeted (severe) disabilities,” the website says

That secretary is Pete Buttigieg, a homosexual pervert who believes he is married to a man, a child groomer called Chasten[…]
Only people with disabilities can enjoy an “on-the-spot” appointment, which is non-competitive, and the “applicant wishing to be hired through the non-competitive process should be prepared to provide his or her résumé, references, and academic transcripts. They are also required to provide documentation pertaining to the existence of a disability”[…]
Airline passengers can only hope, and should pray, that a schizophrenic who hears voices that tell him the CIA has placed radio transmitters in his dental fillings aren’t hired as air traffic controllers. Or that blind people aren’t hired to inspect airplanes[…]
“From our inclusive flag raising at HQ, to our parade in the sky on the first & only U.S. Pride aircraft, it’s easy to see that we’re just plane proud,” the YouTube teaser to the two-year-old ad says. “This month, to commemorate Pride, Alaska surprised not one — but four lucky flights on a newly decorated Pride-inspired plane supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The plane, the first of its kind in the U.S., will fly throughout our network for the next year”

The airlines published a blog post dedicated to buggery in the skies

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[From “Ohio Pro-abortion Victories Show the Pitfalls of Democracy”]

The results of this week’s off-year elections in various states throughout the country have been fodder for much political analysis in the mainstream media, and the overwhelming consensus among Establishment pundits is that Republicans are losing nationwide primarily because of their defense of the unborn[…]
Is it really logical that only a few years after Republicans achieved a trifecta of federal government control[…]based on the promise that they would appoint Supreme Court justices who would reverse Roe v. Wade, the nation is suddenly overwhelmingly in favor of abortion?[…]
What the recent elections[…]really prove is the problem with democracy[…]
The Founders and the Framers of the U.S. Constitution were distrustful of democracy[…]studied the way in which ancient democracies tended to devolve into tyranny, including the dissolution of property rights and the erosion of public morality[…]
Created a system with so many layers of checks on the popular will. The president was not directly elected by the people; neither were senators or Supreme Court justices. There was no universal suffrage — many states had property requirements and religious tests in order for a man to be able to vote, and the Constitution did not forbid these practices

These ballot initiatives[…]are the main mechanism being used to advance abortion in the post-Roe era. And they have also been used to successfully enact leftist policies even in red states where such programs would never make it through the legislature

In Florida, for example, medical marijuana and the $15 minimum wage would never have been passed by the Republican majorities in the state Legislature or signed by the Republican governor[…]
This unfiltered majoritarianism is precisely what the Framers wanted to prevent. We are now reaping the fruits of democracy in America. A return to a constitutional republic is needed to stem the social decay

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[From "Dismantle OSHA to Protect American Business"]

The fourth branch of government: an unofficial term for the collection of federal regulatory agencies that impose fascist, centralized control over every aspect of our lives. Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute equates it to the Deep State, and adds a befitting if gory aspect, calling it the “headless” fourth branch of government[…]
The Lincoln administration spawned this hydra in 1862 with establishment of the fledgling U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)[…]Today, the USDA hamstrings our farmers, our food supply, and rural development. Likewise, the Department of Energy, established in 1977, has been stifling science and innovation and burning taxpayer dollars on the altar of environmentalism. And since 1913, the Department of Labor (DOL) has aimed its guns at American business

President Richard Nixon expanded DOL’s control in 1970, when he added to its list of agencies OSHA — the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Proponents argued that personal injuries and illnesses related to workplace environments imposed a hindrance to interstate commerce[…]
OSHA regulations resemble those created under the German National Socialist (Nazi) regime, which controlled businesses in Germany[…]
Such similarities between OSHA and the Nazi regime led author and journalist Alan Stang to dub the U.S. agency “OSHSTAPO.” He stated plainly in a 1972 issue of American Opinion magazine that OSHA “infringes on Americanism with Communistic opposition to private ownership”[…]
Since the agency’s inception, OSHA inspectors have been granted unlimited authority[…]to enter and inspect workplace environments[…]
Congress can dismantle this tyrannical agency, and Republican Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona is working to do so[…]
OSHA must be abolished, and states must defend their rights and live up to their responsibilities

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[From “Can Texas Constitutionally Engage in War and Protect Itself From Imminent Danger?”]

This verdict temporarily permits Border Patrol agents to remove the razor wire that had been placed along the banks of the Rio Grande, pending the outcome of an ongoing lawsuit. The Biden administration’s argument hinges on the belief that the presence of this wire impedes Border Patrol agents from efficiently reaching migrants as they attempt to cross the river[…]
Before turning to the expected analysis of federalism, state sovereignty, and the so-called Supremacy Clause, let’s look a lesser-known, little spoken-of clause in the Constitution[…]
Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution preserves to the states the authority to “engage in war” if actually invaded or “in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay”

Given the number of “immigrants” and their age and gender (young adult, male), Governor Abbott and AG Paxton could make a very compelling argument that the conditions of invasion and imminent danger are clearly present along the southern border[…]
That is to say, even if one makes the argument that Texas is not being invaded, as that term would be understood by the Founders, there is still a very strong argument to be made that the state is in imminent danger[…]
The state’s decision to exclude federal agents from certain areas can be interpreted as an assertion of its right to manage its own law-enforcement resources and strategies. While the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution ensures that federal law generally takes precedence over state law, it does not grant the federal government an unlimited mandate to intervene in state-controlled areas[…]
As for this so-called Supremacy Clause[…]
If the Founders had intended to include Supreme Court opinions in the list of those things making up the “supreme law of the land,” then they would have done so. They didn’t, therefore they aren’t

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[From “Investigating the Kennedy Assassination”]

Below is an abridged version of the hour-and-a-half-long interview with Newman conducted by The New American senior editor Veronika Kyrylenko[…]
TNA:What was so controversial about your book[…]?
John Newman: Because I had absolute proof that President Kennedy had ordered the withdrawal from Vietnam. And that would change history if he did not die[…]
Kennedy wasn’t supposed to get elected[…]Nixon was going to get elected. He changed history because they [the U.S. military establishment] would have gone to war instantly[…]Kennedy did all kinds of things for poor people[…]
TNA:[…]What are the key facts that are important to know about the domestic and international climate during the Kennedy presidency?
Newman: The Americans thought that the Russians were going to take the entire continent and go all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. That wasn’t true. Stalin had too much on his plate[…]
Oswald went [to the USSR][…]He was recruited [by the KGB]. Oswald stays there for a while and he’s interrogated by a lot of people in Minsk[…]
That is how Oswald was sent and why. That has nothing to do with Oswald, who was murdered after he allegedly murdered JFK[…]
TNA: Were they not afraid of retaliation?
Newman: They knew something about the balance of nuclear power. They knew when it would actually be the best time. And that was the fall of 1963. Guess who dies in the fall of 1963?[…]
Lee Harvey Oswald [who worked for the CIA] and his Castro activities in the United States. Once he comes back from the Soviet Union, he starts wearing a placard, Viva Fidel[…]
TNA: So, Kennedy was surrounded by a very complicated net of conspiracy within his intelligence and military establishments?
Newman: Not just one conspiracy, five of them[…]
TNA: The Warren Commission[…]concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald[…]had acted alone[…]
Newman: You have to understand why that happened and how that happened[…]
The CIA helped put the coverup

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[From "Resolution Affirming State Nullification Introduced in Louisiana"]

A resolution affirming “the sovereign right of Louisiana to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government” has been introduced in the Louisiana state Legislature

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 21 (S.C.R. 21) is sponsored by state Senator Stewart Cathey Jr. (R-Monroe)[…]
S.C.R. 21 also affirms that under the Constitution, the states retain the vast majority of powers. By contrast, only a very limited set of powers is granted to Congress, and it is unconstitutional for the federal government to extend its powers beyond those enumerated limits. For example, the resolution declares:[…]

WHEREAS, federal court opinions and executive orders are often erroneously interpreted as law or to have amended the Constitution of the United States[…]

S.C.R. 21 ultimately declares:

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of Louisiana does hereby affirm the sovereign right of Louisiana to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government

S.C.R. 21 is correct. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme Law of the Land”[…]
In addition to passing S.C.R. 21, the state Legislature would be wise to enact strong legislation nullifying unconstitutional federal actions — whether congressional laws, executive orders or regulations, or federal court rulings. Appropriate targets of nullification include the World Health Organization, the Federal Reserve, the federal “Respect for Marriage Act,” federal interference in state election laws, federal agricultural regulations, and federal meddling in local police and sheriffs departments. States can also create formal procedures for nullifying unconstitutional federal actions

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[From "Yes, Secession Is Constitutional. The 10th Amendment Proves It."]

E pluribus unum

The principle behind that short Latin phrase is just as controversial now as it was at two of the most important junctures in American history: the War for Independence and the Civil War

As division continues to grow between left and right and between Democrat and Republican, ideas such as secession and “national divorce” are increasingly raised and debated

While the political establishment has long claimed that the secession question was definitively settled by the North’s victory during the Civil War, recent developments have proven the universal truth that in politics, nothing is ever truly settled[…]
Secession can appear an enticing option. Why should leftist and conservative states continue together when our politics are so abhorrent to one another?[…]
The Constitution may not have a “secession clause” in it; but then, it’s common sense that no government ever plants within itself the framework for its own demise

But that does not mean secession is unconstitutional, illegal, treasonous, or insurrectionist[…]
The constitutionality of secession is simple to prove:

First, it is crucial to establish that[…]the Founders believed in a natural right of secession, which they articulated very explicitly in the Declaration of Independence[…]
Constitution has no provision prohibiting a state from seceding. Therefore, the logical conclusion, based on the 10th Amendment, is that the states do have that right[…]
So while there are many valid questions and arguments, including whether secession is the right solution at all or whether nullification and a return to true federalism are more viable answers to current federal overreach, the fact remains that secession is moral, legal, and constitutional

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[From "The John Birch Society: Leadership Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"]

Readers of The New American magazine are well aware of the Deep State menace facing our Constitution, our culture, and our very lives. However, knowing that the problem exists does no good unless we take action to defend our God-given rights from the malicious tyrants who threaten them

That is why Robert Welch founded The John Birch Society 65 years ago[…]
Those words marked the birth in December 1958 of the only organization that exists, even today, to expose the master conspiracy that seeks to destroy godly institutions and to enslave mankind under an oppressive world government

Welch was not intimidated when labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by scoffers and media hacks who parroted the CIA-popularized slur. His academic genius (he read Ridpath’s nine-volume History of the World by age seven and graduated from college at age 16) and business acumen (he became independently wealthy in industry and served for years on the board of the National Association of Manufacturers) prepared him for the expected backlash from the liberal establishment he sacrificed his life, fortune, and sacred honor to expose[…]
Sixty-five years later, JBS is still going strong, as acknowledged by The Nation,which ran a headline in June: “How the John Birch Society Won the Long Game”

Others rightfully recognize the organization’s vast influence in the freedom fight. “We All Live in The John Birch Society’s World Now,” declares a November 2021 headline in The New Republic. And in the 2022 booklet Birch’n: How The John Birch Society Keeps America Free, conservative author Trevor Loudon is quoted as acknowledging, “The JBS is the unsung hero of the liberty movement”[…]
JBS field coordinator Nicole Sanders will relate these carbon-capture schemes to globalist plans in her presentation entitled “Fighting Agenda 2030 Locally”

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[From "College Board, Angry It Can No Longer Groom Kids, Pulls AP Psych From Florida"]

The left-wing academic establishment is having a full-blown meltdown at the news that the College Board, which runs both the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the Advanced Placement (AP) high-school curricula, is pulling its AP Psychology program out of Florida due to the state’s restrictions on the teaching of sexuality and gender ideology in classrooms

Contrary to the way the mainstream media is reporting the news, Florida did not ban the College Board from letting students take the AP Psych[…]
Rather, the state asked the College Board to review its courses and update any that contain material that is in conflict with new state legislation prohibiting sexual grooming in classrooms. This applied to the AP Psychology course, which asks students to “describe how sex and gender influence socialization and other aspects of development”

But the organization refused to make any changes, preferring to nix AP Psych altogether[…]
The College Board that killed its own AP Psych program by deciding not to recognize or give credit for courses that drop the sections on gender and sexuality. They preferred not to have the course taught at all than to allow schools to teach it without the sections on gender and sexuality

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, previously took aim at the College Board for introducing “Neo-Marxism” into its courses aimed at teenagers[…]
At the end of the day, it’s just as well that Florida students are not being exposed to what passes as Marxist pseudoscience and degeneracy under the guise of “psychology.” Psychology courses, like modern revisionist history courses and English courses focusing on deconstructive, leftist literature, are among the settings which educators most use to inculcate impressionable young people with ideas such as atheism, sexual promiscuity, gender-bending ideology, and collectivist politics

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[From "Florida Leads Nation in Rejecting Covid Propaganda and Federal Diktats"]

Americans have been told time and again how to protect themselves from infection and disease[…]The Covid vaccines, of course, play a central role in all of this[…]
With the number of breakthrough infections demonstrating the shots’ ineffectiveness, and with more and more adverse reactions recorded in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), many everyday Americans wonder if the government will ever address the elephant in the room

Luckily, the critical voices of officials occupying high-level healthcare positions are getting louder and clearer

On October 7, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo recommended against men aged 18 to 39 receiving mRNA Covid shots because of the 84-percent increased relative risk of them having a heart attack within 28 days following inoculation. The analysis was drawn up from Florida’s reportable disease repository “Merlin,” the State Health Online Tracking System, and death records data

Vaccine proponents, of course, claim that Covid infection itself poses a risk of cardiac complications greater than the risks associated with the shots. The Florida Department of Health (FDH) stresses that this is not the case[…]
The Florida Health Department’s guidance reaffirmed its earlier recommendation for parents and guardians to spare their little ones from Covid shots, adding that the youngest of Americans, who became “eligible” for mRNA inoculations from Pfizer and Moderna in June, should not be getting them either[…]
Big Tech’s reaction was predictable. Twitter swiftly removed the updated guidance posted by the Florida surgeon general as violating its coronavirus “misinformation” policies[…]
Fortunately, American parents, regardless of their own vaccination status, are not willing to get their little ones jabbed with experimental concoctions, according to official data

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[From "Biden Boasts of Being the Most Successful Gun-grabbing President in History"]

Joe Biden is at it again. Days ago during an address delivered at the University of Hartford at Hartford, Connecticut, the president made his oft-repeated call for confiscation of firearms from civilians

After rehearsing the revisionist account of “the shootings that make the headlines, but every single day — every damn day in America, in the — in areas that are poor, mostly minority, there’s a mass shooting,” Biden made a comparison that elicited laughter from the audience:

What’s the difference between the post-traumatic stress that a soldier meets in the hills of Afghanistan and a four- — a fourth-grade kid meets in a classroom when they have to duck and cover?

There’s no commentary on that statement that wouldn’t belittle the mental anguish that afflicts so many American service members after returning home from a battlefield[…]
While the president offered those parents the comfort of the promise of confiscation of weapons, there is something more permanent that can be done that doesn’t require violating the Constitution or punishing millions of innocent gun owners for the crimes committed by a handful of mentally disturbed murderers

Take your children out of public school. That’s it. With so many conservatives rightly denouncing the debauchery and anti-American curriculum being called “education” today, why do those same parents morning after morning drop their children off at a school where they worry there’s even a remote chance that when the kids head into the school “that’s the last time [they’re] ever going to see them?”[…]
Biden gloats that he’s probably the biggest gun grabber that’s ever sat in the White House[…]
If states permit the federal government to rob the people of their ability to resist tyranny, then all other liberties will be at the mercy of that same federal force, for a disarmed populace is an enslaved populace

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[From "“My Pronouns Are U.S.A.” — Massachusetts Middle Schoolers Revolt Over LGBT “Pride” Event"]

A Massachusetts middle school’s LGBT “Pride” event on June 2 turned contentious when, instead of dutifully wearing the rainbow colors that left-wing agitators have usurped as a symbol for LGBT “pride,” many students chose instead to wear red, white, and blue — in support of America

School officials at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington were left searching for answers as their school’s “Pride” celebration instead became a day for some students to clap back at a school pushing LGBT propaganda[…]
Instead of celebrating LGBT “pride,” many students chanted, “My pronouns are U.S.A!”[…]
Conti refused to take any responsibility[…]instead, doubled down[…]:“We ask all staff, teachers, and members of the Burlington Public School community to join us in taking a stand against homophobia and identity-directed hateful actions”

Teachers at the school claimed that the red, white, and blue-wearing students intimidated students who were all set to celebrate LGBT “pride”[…]
Foss is correct when he says that the incident “runs deeper,” but he was right for all the wrong reasons. Average Americans — even middle schoolers, it seems — have reached a saturation point when it comes to LGBT indoctrination in our culture[…]The LGBT Mafia has even appropriated the entire month of June to shout their hedonistic message everywhere[…]
The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise never to destroy the world by water again. The LGBT movement has stolen that symbol of monotheism as a symbol for its debauchery

But propaganda works best when it’s done in a subtle way, and LGBT groups cannot be subtle. They cannot keep themselves from attacking children with their hedonism. In Burlington, Massachusetts, the children finally said, “Enough”

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[From "As Nuclear War Looms, Does Russia Have a Right to Its Own Monroe Doctrine?"]

With news that Israeli intelligence has detected an “irregular presence” of nuclear-capable Russian bombers near Finland and retired general David Petraeus casually saying NATO would likely sink Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea fleet if Russia used a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine, it’s perhaps time for a few questions:

First, can we discuss a situation that could very well result in thermonuclear war — and the end of life as we know it — intelligently and rationally? Or must all questions about our Dr. Strangelove policy be met with childish name-calling (e.g., “stooge of Putin!”) designed to silence debate?

Second, is it a good idea to essentially tell a man who controls 6,200 nuclear weapons, and who our pseudo-elites may label “crazy,” you want to kill him? This is what Joe Biden’s and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call for Russian “regime change” really amounts to, mind you[…]
One element of what’s known as Just War Doctrine is that for a proposed military action to be moral, it must do more good than harm. Is this the case with our playing chicken with Putin? The best-case scenario is that we help an internationalist pseudo-elite, Zelenskyy, retain power and preserve the borders of what even the left-wing Guardian called in 2015 “the most corrupt nation in Europe”

The worst-case scenario is global thermonuclear war[…]
Some may now wonder, “Why do we have to back down?” The answer is simple: Russia’s “Monroe Doctrine.”

Consider: President John F. Kennedy took a firm stand during the Cuban Missile Crisis, establishing a naval blockade of Cuba after the USSR deployed missile bases on the island. JFK took this hard line because it was our backyard[…]
And so it is with Russia, with Ukraine being its Cuba[…]
There could be a reason to risk atomic annihilation—that Red Dawn scenario comes to mind

Luis Miguel #fundie #dunning-kruger thenewamerican.com

[From "The Theory of Evolution: A False Religion Bringing the West to Destruction"]

Modern society is awash with idolatry and false religions designed to lead the nation astray from its Christian foundation. Many of these false faiths are deceptive because they are not openly sold as religion, yet they have all the hallmarks of it

Of the many corrosive beliefs that have been propagated in Western society, one of the contenders for most heinous[…]is the “Theory of Evolution”

It is more apt to call it “Darwinism,” which, like Marxism, is an idolatrous false religion whose aim is to destroy and replace Christianity. If we wish to restore Christendom and Western civilization to the grandeur they once held, it is imperative that we cease promoting Darwinism[…]
One of the most abominable and astute things the Left achieved was to introduce Darwinism in the schools[…]This pernicious fable of evolution has been greatly responsible for pulling people away from religious faith[…]
The whole of Western civilization has been built on a certain concept of man[…]while man is fallen and sins, he is nevertheless made in God’s image[…]Man alone, among all beasts, enjoys the privilege of being able to be a joint heir with Christ in God’s kingdom[…]
By boiling man down to nothing more than another animal[…]Darwinism degrades the human soul, making the adherent of this faith believe that there is nothing special or unique about humanity. It cheapens human life, minimizes our accomplishments, and limits our capacity for greatness

The influence of Darwinism can be seen in many of the Left’s agenda items[…]According to Darwinist logic, of course abortion is acceptable, since we’re all just animals and euthanasia is a perfectly legitimate response to the presence of inconvenient humans

Marxism and tyrannical government are also justified by Darwinism, for if we were not created by God, we have no inherent natural rights and there is no objective good or evil

Luis Miguel #fundie #transphobia #homophobia thenewamerican.com

[From "Ellen Page’s Story Proves That Transgenderism Is Demonic Possession"]

Transgenderism, sodomy, and other “queer” practices have always been symptoms of a godless, morally bankrupt society on the path to collapse[…]
I previously explained that transgenderism is demonic possession[…]
Case in point[…]Ellen Page, who now claims to be a man[…]
Page’s story should be a lesson to all, instructive of the way in which modern cultural Marxism takes young people on a road of gradual destruction. From pro-choice feminist to lesbian to transgender, Page’s devolution was a step-by-step process that took years[…]
Bounding Into Comics describes the moment[…]
There’s no doubt that Page was and is under the influence of a demonic spirit. The fact that she heard a voice in her head telling her to mutilate herself in an attempt to become a man, in total rebellion to God’s order and the way He created her, leaves no room for doubt as to the source of her feelings. After all, who was the voice? It certainly wasn’t God

Furthermore, the fact that the voice was preceded by self-harm, by Page punching herself in the face until bruises formed, is another tell-tale sign of demonic possession[…]
Mark 5, for example[…]
This is the man who was possessed by Legion, so called by the demons themselves because, as they told Jesus, “we are many”

Isn’t it uncanny that demonic spirits refer to themselves in the plural — and so do transgenders, who insist on everyone using the plural “they/them” pronouns?

Transgenders desperately want us to use their pronouns because doing so is a form of occult affirmation that invokes the demons and gives them power over the person. This is why Christians should refuse to use trans’ “preferred pronouns”

Luis Miguel #wingnut thenewamerican.com

[From "A Lesson From Trump’s Indictment Ordeal: Always Cross the Rubicon"]

The establishment is pulling out all the stops to ensure the real-estate mogul and reality TV celebrity-turned controversial politician never makes it back to the White House. On every front the Left controls, they are weaponizing the levers of governmental power[…]
Trump cannot afford to give up now[…]Now more than ever, he has the imperative to persevere[…]If Democrats succeed in using the legal power of the state to strong-arm a political rival into submission, they will not only ruin Trump as an individual[…]but burn to the ground what little is left of this Republic’s legitimacy

But there is another important lesson in all this: When one is confronted by a monumental choice between doing the right thing but earning condemnation in the process, and appeasing the antagonistic crowd, one must always take the route of greater resistance[…]
One must always cross the Rubicon[…]
Trump has faced several moments that parallel Caesar[…]The biggest one, the one that really elicited the “crossing the Rubicon” rhetoric from the Right, was in the aftermath of the 2020 election, when many Americans felt there was overwhelming evidence of voter fraud[…]
Congress virtually holds no practical power anymore, unfortunately. Whoever controls the executive branch wields the real power. If Trump had acted in 2020, Congress could not have done anything more than kick and scream, while the courts likewise would have had no enforcement power

Such an action would have, of course, precipitated something of a national crisis. It would likely have led to states choosing sides[…]similar to the Catholic Church’s Great Schism[…]
It might have been the first real opportunity the nation would have had[…]to truly mount an offensive against the Establishment and purge the federal government of the Deep State by starting anew with a federal government made up of constitutional, America First patriots

Staff #wingnut thenewamerican.com

[From "Can John C. Calhoun Save America?"]

Rothbard called John C. Calhoun’s Disquisition on Government “one of the most brilliant essays on political philosophy ever written”[…]
Calhoun’s 173-year-old treatise is not just a diagnosis of how we got here, but a roadmap for escaping from this tyranny and being rid of the “woke” totalitarian Marxists among us who are so hell-bent on destroying America[…]
Calhoun was a brilliant expositor of the natural-rights philosophy that rights to life, liberty, and property are God-given; that the primary purpose of government is to secure these rights from domestic and foreign enemies of freedom; and the realization that there is always a danger that governments can be perverted in a way that they destroy rather than protect these God-given rights"[…]
“Consent” was given to ratify the Constitution by the separate political communities of the sovereign states, and they reserved the right to withdraw that consent should the government that they created as their agent interfere with their “happiness”[…]
The party in power[…]will be opposed to the constitutional restrictions intended to limit it[…]
The “minor, or weaker party”[…]will make its strict construction arguments for actually enforcing the Constitution[…]
The “end of the contest” would then be “the subversion of the constitution”

This will occur[…]because of a kind of class struggle in society, but not the Marxist class struggle between the capitalist and working “classes.” Instead, in a democracy, “Some one portion of the community must pay in taxes more than it receives back in disbursements; while another receives in disbursements more than it pays in taxes”[…]
The right of suffrage causes this condition, and can in no way counteract it[…]
Hans-Hermann Hoppe described democracy as “a soft variant of communism”[…]
Calhoun was always a unionist, and viewed nullification of laws thought to be unconstitutional as an alternative to secession

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[From "Fourteenth Amendment: Tool of Tyranny, but Was It Legally Ratified?"]

The ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment[…]is widely regarded as a momentous event in American history. However, many noted constitutional scholars and historians have highlighted persistent and perplexing issues about the legality of its ratification[…]
I will take space to share with you a bit of “chicanery” in the U.S. Senate that casts considerable doubt on that body’s vote to approve the Fourteenth Amendment[…]

One of the fifty non-southern senators was the newly elected John P. Stockton of New Jersey, an outspoken opponent of the Fourteenth Amendment[…]After informal polls revealed that only thirty-three senators favored it[…]a motion was made not to seat Stockton[…]

To not be troubled by that story, one has to really want to live in a world where the Fourteenth Amendment is considered “law” and is used by Joe Biden to justify his student-loan bailout scheme, by Bernie Sanders to argue in favor of raising the debt ceiling, and by five Supreme Court justices in forcing same-sex marriage on every state in the union. Do you want to live in that world?

One of the primary arguments challenging the legality of the Fourteenth Amendment’s ratification lies in the questionable legitimacy of the Southern states’ ratifications[…]Southern states were placed under military control[…]Reconstruction Acts forced them to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment to regain representation in Congress[…]
If the states that seceded were required to ratify an amendment in order to become states, how could they ratify, considering they weren’t states until they ratified the Fourteenth Amendment?[…]
Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, California, Ohio, New Jersey, and Oregon rescinded their ratifications[…]
Congress simply rejected the rescissions[…]
Fourteenth Amendment has been the tool that tyrants have used to construct much of the unconstitutional machinery

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[From "ICC Warrant for Putin"]

International Criminal Court (ICC)[…]issued arrest warrants[…]Putin and[…]Lvova-Belova[…]allegations[…]Russia had been forcibly removing Ukrainian children[…]
ICC’s action against Russia’s leader has the potential to lead to world war and eventual world government — precisely in keeping with the designs of those who originally created the UN-centered international system[…]
International Court of Justice (ICJ)[…]was brought into being as one of the six principal organs of the UN[…]In accordance with the precedent of the war-crimes tribunals[…]whose purpose was to try Nazi and Japanese “war criminals,” the globalists who framed the UN system also desired an international court[…]
Such tribunals have been justifiably criticized, not only for the nebulous and decidedly biased legal doctrine of victor’s justice, but also for reliance on ex post facto law[…]
Similar criticisms dogged the Yugoslav and Rwandan war-crimes tribunals[…]Solution brought forth by globalists[…]purported to solve the problem[…]
Veteran reporter for The New American William F. Jasper was present at the Rome conference in 1998, and warned at the time: “If allowed to stand — and to thrive and grow[…]sound the death knell for national sovereignty, and for the freedoms associated with limited, constitutional government”[…]
The Rome Statute defined four classes of crimes[…]Article 6 of the convention characterizes “genocide”[…]
Notice how broad the language is[…]
Similar vagueness plagues the definitions of other classes of “crimes against humanity.” “War crimes,” for example, are held to include “willful killing”[…]while “aggression” is defined as “the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty"[…]
Putin now has even more of an incentive to either win at any cost or go down fighting

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[From "Washington’s “Color Revolutions” in Europe"]

Samantha Power, the current administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), announced in February 2023 that she was in Budapest, Hungary, to support “democratic institutions” and “civil society.”

Hungary, a member of the EU and NATO, has a democratically elected government presently spearheaded by conservative and pro-life Prime Minister Viktor Mihály Orbán[…]Orbán’s government has refrained from backing the U.S.-led strategy to exacerbate the Russia-Ukraine crisis since the latter’s onset in 2022. Additionally, Orbán’s government rejects the globalist principles of open immigration, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ+ propaganda for minors

Little wonder then that Power went to Budapest to help support a “free and diverse press in Hungary”[…]
Hungary is not the only intended Central European “beneficiary” of USAID[…]
USAID is by no means a rookie in advocating for globalist and left-wing values in Central and Eastern Europe. The agency has a track record of providing $5 million to back leftist activism in North Macedonia[…]
“Orange Revolution” in Ukraine in October 2004 witnessed a “fraud” scandal in Ukrainian elections and provoked local youth to take to the streets to rally for the leader of the opposition, Viktor Yushchenko, who subsequently was elected[…]
When Yanukovych dismissed an EU Association Agreement, he was forced out of office by anti-Russia, pro-EU radicals backed by then-U.S. President Barack Obama. In fact, members of the Obama State Department even boasted that they financed the groups involved in the Maidan protests calling for Yanukovych to step down[…]
With the Biden administration not only championing leftist and globalist movements abroad, but also lambasting and cracking down on domestic opponents of abortion or leftist ideologies[…]Piskorski’s claims[…]should be regarded with greater sobriety

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Former Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.) is running to return back to Congress to represent Georgia’s 10th congressional district. “We need to get the United States out of the UN and the UN out of the U.S. and that’s what I tried to do when I was in Congress” Broun tells The New American

In the interview, Broun recalls how when he was in Congress he introduced an amendment to a foreign appropriations bill in Congress to zero-out U.S. funding to the United Nations. “They are enemies of liberty and freedom, they are enemies of our Constitution,” Broun says of the UN. A vote on Broun’s amendment failed as did the vote for a second amendment he introduced to the bill that would have just cut UN funding by 10-percent

He further explains that the problems in Washington go beyond Biden and Obama, calling out both former Republican Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush as globalists, who look toward the United Nations and supported open-borders[…]
If elected, Broun vows to reintroduce the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, as he did in 2013, along with the Federal Reserve Transparency Act to conduct a full audit of the Federal Reserve. During the interview, Broun further called for abolishing the federal Department of Education, the Federal Reserve System, and returning the U.S. to a gold and silver standard

Broun also backs constitutional amendments to repeal both the 16th and 17th Amendments, which provided for the progressive income tax and direct election of U.S. senators respectively

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[From "Communist Attack on Local Police"]

The most striking feature of every totalitarian state (whether communist, fascist, or Islamist) is the dreaded police-state apparatus, the iron fist that enforces the will of the Party, the State, the dictatorship[…]
As far back as the 1920s, but especially from the 1960s onward, it became apparent that the Free World police were (and are) a primary target of all communists. Locally controlled sheriff’s and police organizations are condemned by communists as tools of “imperialist oppressors” and upholders of “capitalist, bourgeois society.” They are correctly seen by the communists as a force for stability and ordered liberty, and a bulwark against the type of centralized police state that the communists want[…]
The BLM-George Floyd riots[…]were the recrudescence of the communist-directed college riots and race riots during the 1960s, and the Rodney King race riots of 1992[…]On June 13, 1961, this manual[…]was presented to the United States Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security[…]
The communist manual and Inspector General Kirkpatrick’s testimony were reproduced in the subcommittee’s report entitled “A Communist Plot Against the Free World Police”[…]
The tactics outlined in the communist manual were put into practice by “student” and “civil rights” activists in the 1960s, causing deadly and destructive riots in dozens of American cities. Communist leaders of the misnamed Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and similar organizations also went to communist countries[…]
There are many other communist connections to the BLM behemoth, but we must use our limited space here to mention a particularly significant one: George Soros. We do not have proof that Soros[…]is a communist, but he certainly funds many Marxist-Leninist organizations

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[From " Report: “Transgenders” More Likely to Kill Than be Killed; Overrepresented Among Pedophiles"]

t’s fairly well known that “transgenders” have a very high suicide rate, especially after undergoing so-called sex reassignment surgery. But barely known, and contrary to modern myth, is that they’re also more likely to commit murder than to be murdered, according to a recent report. In fact, the report finds that Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS, or “trans”) individuals are actually less likely to be homicide victims than normal people are.

As WND.com wrote Monday, “A new report documents how a … [MUSS individual] in Colorado and a partner shot nine students at their school, then later claimed the victims deserved it for their ‘transphobia.’”


In fact, while the MUSS movement’s “driving myth is that there is an epidemic of murders targeting them for their stated ‘identities,’” the report states, at Unz.com, not mentioned is that not only are MUSS individuals “less likely to be victims of murder than ... [normal] women (and far less than men), their small population is well represented among murderers ... and pedophiles.”

“The Human Rights Committee, which meticulously tracks transgender deaths across the country, is conspicuously not tracking them when they commit crimes," the report continues. “But in the UK, analysts found that during the period of ... [2008]-2017,” the incidence of MUSS individuals committing murder was 71 percent greater than the incidence of them being murdered.


Unz.com points out that the true scope of MUSS individual violence is obscured because the mainstream media often omit mention of perpetrators’ MUSS “identity” unless doing so is unavoidable or serves sexual devolutionary ends. In fact, since the media’s common practice is to use MUSS individuals’ “preferred pronouns” (e.g., “she” to reference a man claiming womanhood), it sometimes can be hard discerning the actual sex of the individual in question, especially for a casual news reader.


So perhaps more significant are FBI statistics the report relates. They show that “Americans are victims of homocide at a rate of about 5 per 100,000,” the report tells us. “For men, the number is 6.6 per 100,000 and for women, 1.8.”

Yet according to sexual devolutionary activist groups, 24 MUSS individuals were “killed in 2019 out of a population of 1.4 million, making their homicide rate 1.7 out of 100,000 — less likely to be killed than the average woman,” the report also informs.

The report correctly points out that this is especially striking given the high-risk lifestyles MUSS individuals tend to live, “and the fact that many of them are black men living in zones with murder rates far above the national average,” according to the report.

(That said, another possibility is that the MUSS population isn’t as high as the activists claim.)


As for the report’s MUSS/pedophilia claim, no source for it or data is provided. Relevant research is hard to find, too, but mixing and matching studies does provide some insight.

For example, ABC News reported in 2015 that at the end of 2001, approximately 6.8 percent of America’s state prison inmates “were male sex offenders who had committed a rape or sexual assault against a minor under age 18.” In contrast, the BBC informed last year that of 125 known MUSS inmates, 29, or 23.2 percent, were convicted of sexual offenses involving children/youth. Overall, almost half of the 125 were sex offenders.


Anecdotally, my experience is that many MUSS individuals, especially those activism-minded, are quite hostile. After I editorialized against their agenda some years back, one commented that he wanted my “head on a platter.” Then there’s the 2015 Dr. Drew show incident (video below), in which MUSS reporter “Zoey Tur” threatened to send commentator Ben Shapiro “home in an ambulance” (not very ladylike, for sure).

Obviously, the reactions Shapiro and I experienced are due to the fact that these men are desperately trying to maintain a fragile rationalization — i.e., they’re actually women — that’s easily shattered, and no one likes having his bubble burst. But what would explain a MUSS-criminality link?

To be brief, a factor may be that “the Eye altering alters all,” as poet William Blake wrote. The mindset allowing for grand self-delusion can lead to more delusion, including moral delusion.

A simpler way to explain it, though, and something undeniably true, is that troubled people are more likely to get into trouble — and to cause it.

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This could only happen in the age of “transgender” ideology. In Brazil, a woman and her lesbian partner removed her nine-year-old son’s penis, claiming that he “wanted to be a girl.” A year later they murdered him, with the mother stating that she hated her son because he reminded her of her father.
As the Pluralist reports:
Rosana Auri da Silva Candido and Kacyla Priscyla Santiago Damasceno Pessoa on May 31 stabbed the boy to death in his sleep, cut him into pieces and tried to burn the body party [sic] on a grill at their home, Metropoles reported last week, citing the police. Candido is the biological mother of the boy, whose name was Rhuan Maycon da Silva Castro.
Witnesses called police after noticing the couple walking through a soccer field with a suitcase containing Rhuan’s corpse. When officers responded to the family’s home, they found the women there with Pessoa’s 8-year-old daughter.
Authorities later located Rhuan’s remains in two backpacks in the area: one on the lot where the couple resided and the other in front of a nearby day care center.
The couple, who remain in police custody, showed no remorse for their actions while being interrogated.
According to Metropolis, the boy was also beheaded while still alive.
Providing more detail, Fat reports that the boy was separated in 2015 from his father, and the women didn’t have custody of either Rhuan or the eight-year-old girl. (Note: Most sources identify the boy’s age as nine; however, Fat states that he was seven in 2015.)
For the father’s part, he’d “desperately been trying to save his son from the clutches of the boy’s deranged LGBTQP mother and her partner, who reportedly moved ‘across states and around the country’ to avoid being caught,” reports Natural News.
“‘We tried to save Rhuan,’ Rhuan’s father told the press. ‘We published messages on the social media, [sic] we contacted police and the Child Protective Services. No one helped us.’”
Unsurprisingly, sources say Rhuan was tortured and had been a victim of rape (they don’t indicate by whom). Candido also confessed that the penectomy was performed with “rudimentary tools,” Pluralist further relates. “After removing his penis, the women said they sewed an improvised version of the female organ onto the mutilated area.”
“The wom[e]n did not detail how they treated the boy for such a procedure and its possible consequences, such as infections and pains,” Fat tells us (auto-translated from Portuguese). “Asked about the reason for this act, Rosângela stated that for her and her companion, the boy wanted to become a girl. That’s one of the reasons they keep Rhuan with long hair — he was like that when he died.”
As stated earlier, Candido also admitted that she hated her son because he reminded her of her father, who allegedly had abused her.
Since the two women obviously are quite deranged, poor Rhuan’s treatment would have been shoddy regardless. Yet it’s hard to imagine this story unfolding as it did absent “transgender” ideology. After all, where does a person get the idea that a “boy can become a girl” and that superficial mutilation effects this change in being? Making ideas part of the public consciousness has consequences.
Of course, maybe Rhuan “wanted to become a girl,” or perhaps it was just that his two lesbian caretakers wanted him to. But the mother’s claim rings true, as I’ve seen this phenomenon before.
Some of you may remember Renee Richards. That’s the name assumed by Dr. Richard Raskind, the tennis player who made news in the late 1970s after having a so-called sex-change operation and, at age 43, beginning to play in women’s tournaments. (Note: I’ve met Richards. He lives in the county next to mine.) I mention him because an aspect of his story is relevant here.
Writing of his upbringing, Tennis.com related last year that “young Richard was dominated by his [psychiatrist] mother and his older sister, who dressed him as a girl. By 9, he had begun to dress himself that way.”
Is this at all surprising? A theory for your consideration: Tiny Rhuan and Richard both got the message that their mothers didn’t love them for who and what they were, boys, that, in fact, their maleness was an impediment to their receiving this love. Of course, a little boy wants and needs his mother’s love more than anything in the world. So is it hard to imagine that such a boy might want to “become a girl”? Note here Candido’s statement that Rhuan was doing it “for her and her companion.”
Yet there’s more. If a boy is confronted with this maleness-oriented maternal rejection when extremely young, might he not so assume a female character as a coping mechanism that he would actually begin to feel like a girl, deep down?
This would explain Richards’ and other men’s “gender dysphoria”: the sense that one really is member of the opposite sex on the inside, to put it simply. Of course, since this psychological phenomenon begins at an age before the person can remember, it makes sense that he would say he has “always felt this way,” which is something you hear from men thus afflicted.
The point? Though quack psychiatrists may today claim that gender dysphoria is a biologically induced phenomenon — an assertion for which they have no proof whatsoever — reason suggests that it’s a psychological one. And it wasn’t Candido and Pessoa who originated the idea of treating a psychological issue with a biological “remedy” (removing genitalia). It was “respected” people with medical degrees, and their enablers in and out of the media, who did that.

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I did the boycott thing (Starbucks on it's pro homosexual stance on marriage, Target on opening up it's restrooms to transgenders, etc.) for a while and then decided to focus on putting my energy into educating people about the destructive homosexual lifestyle and the ever so evil 'gay' agenda. I do it in an internet blog that appears to have reached quite a few people. Just remember Jim, every corporation from the cereal you eat to the car you drive is working with the homosexual movement to destroy our once great nation.

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[From "Were Confederate Generals Traitors?"]

My "Rewriting American History" column of a fortnight ago, about the dismantling of Confederate monuments, generated considerable mail. Some argued there should not be statues honoring traitors such as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis, who fought against the Union. Victors of wars get to write the history, and the history they write often does not reflect the facts. Let's look at some of the facts and ask: Did the South have a right to secede from the Union? If it did, we can't label Confederate generals as traitors.

Article 1 of the Treaty of Paris (1783), which ended the war between the Colonies and Great Britain, held "New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and Independent States." Representatives of these states came together in Philadelphia in 1787 to write a constitution and form a union.

During the ratification debates, Virginia's delegates said, "The powers granted under the Constitution being derived from the people of the United States may be resumed by them whensoever the same shall be perverted to their injury or oppression." The ratification documents of New York and Rhode Island expressed similar sentiments.
At the Constitutional Convention, a proposal was made to allow the federal government to suppress a seceding state. James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution," rejected it. The minutes from the debate paraphrased his opinion: "A union of the states containing such an ingredient (would) provide for its own destruction. The use of force against a state would look more like a declaration of war than an infliction of punishment and would probably be considered by the party attacked as a dissolution of all previous compacts by which it might be bound."

America's first secessionist movement started in New England after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Many were infuriated by what they saw as an unconstitutional act by President Thomas Jefferson. The movement was led by Timothy Pickering of Massachusetts, George Washington's secretary of war and secretary of state. He later became a congressman and senator. "The principles of our Revolution point to the remedy — a separation," Pickering wrote to George Cabot in 1803, for "the people of the East cannot reconcile their habits, views, and interests with those of the South and West." His Senate colleague James Hillhouse of Connecticut agreed, saying, "The Eastern states must and will dissolve the union and form a separate government." This call for secession was shared by other prominent Americans, such as John Quincy Adams, Elbridge Gerry, Fisher Ames, Josiah Quincy III and Joseph Story. The call failed to garner support at the 1814-15 Hartford Convention.

The U.S. Constitution would have never been ratified -- and a union never created — if the people of those 13 "free sovereign and Independent States" did not believe that they had the right to secede. Even on the eve of the War of 1861, unionist politicians saw secession as a right that states had. Rep. Jacob M. Kunkel of Maryland said, "Any attempt to preserve the union between the states of this Confederacy by force would be impractical and destructive of republican liberty." The Northern Democratic and Republican parties favored allowing the South to secede in peace.

Northern newspapers editorialized in favor of the South's right to secede. New-York Tribune (Feb. 5, 1860): "If tyranny and despotism justified the Revolution of 1776, then we do not see why it would not justify the secession of Five Millions of Southrons from the Federal Union in 1861." The Detroit Free Press (Feb. 19, 1861): "An attempt to subjugate the seceded States, even if successful, could produce nothing but evil — evil unmitigated in character and appalling in extent." The New-York Times (March 21, 1861): "There is a growing sentiment throughout the North in favor of letting the Gulf States go."

Confederate generals were fighting for independence from the Union just as George Washington and other generals fought for independence from Great Britain. Those who'd label Gen. Robert E. Lee as a traitor might also label George Washington as a traitor. I'm sure Great Britain's King George III would have agreed.

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It’s not enough that American academia has been indoctrinating native-born youth with leftism, reinforced by the media and entertainment. Nor is it sufficient that our immigration regime has, since 1965, ensured that 85 percent of our immigrants would come from the Third World and Asia, bringing us people who vote overwhelmingly Democrat upon being naturalized. Barack Obama promised “fundamental change.”

And fundamental change he will deliver — fast — by hook or by crook.

So says J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice attorney and whistleblower, claiming that the effort to fast-track illegal aliens to voter status is already underway.


Adams also writes that “PJ Media has obtained an internal ‘Dear Colleague’ letter written by Leon Rodriguez, the ‘director and co-chair of the Task Force on New Americans,’” that refers to a White House report called “‘Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All Residents’” and states, “This report outlines an immigrant integration plan that will — ensure that the people who live in this country can fully participate in their communities.”

Adams, who worked voting-rights cases while at the DOJ, then points out that “‘full participation’ is a term commonly used to include voting rights.” He then says that in order to achieve this “participation,” the DHS — which ostensibly was created to increase our country’s security — has been mounting a full-court press to grant citizenship to as many aliens as possible before next November’s election. As Adams puts it, “Multiple sources at DHS confirm that political appointees are prioritizing naturalization ahead of the 2016 presidential election.”

Adams also reports that groups such as La Raza (Spanish for “The Race”) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association have been helping forge Obama administration immigration policy. Moreover, he relates that an anonymous DHS official told him that DHS “intends to ‘recapture’ ‘unused’ visas from years past to grant more visas and LPR [green card] status.” In other words, if you’re a warm body (and sometimes cold will do) with socialist leanings, Uncle Sam wants you.

And now that this demographic-warfare tactic has brought America to a tipping point, leftists are becoming more forthcoming about their aims and rightists are finally waking up. As the Daily Caller put it in a February title, Obama is “‘Hopeful’ Immigration Will Drown Conservatism”; and WND.com recently reported, “Expected surge of immigrants to push U.S. to 'European model of state control.’”


This explains why the Obama administration has been feverishly shipping illegal migrants to various communities nationwide. Note that this isn’t unprecedented, as Marxist governments did precisely the same thing, transferring populations and intermixing religious and ethnic groups. It’s the divide-and-conquer strategy: Sufficiently break down an area’s cohesiveness — create division with “diversity” — and it’s unlikely it will be able to successfully rebel against the central government.