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For those who support Socialism, under Socialism, everything you once enjoyed will no longer be available to you, including “luxuries” such as medicine, supplements, healthcare, food, restaurants, transportation (flights, auto, boats, etc…), or even addictions such as cigarettes, liquor, etc… It’s already happening in Seattle with their “requests” for pizza, cigarettes, etc… Their chain of service delivery will be non-existent.

The top Socialist countries are China and Cuba. Does anyone really want to live like that? I sure as fuck don’t.

All of your freedom and your civil liberties will be gone under this premise. All systems of transport will cease due to no one willing to work. Then, they’ll steal from others at gunpoint until they have nothing as well. I’d rather die fighting for your civil liberties and freedom than having them taken away from me by some punks who feel they’re entitled to what I have.

This will not end well for those who follow this idea. If it comes to fruition, I’ll be exiting this planet early fighting for my AND THEIR freedom and it might, metaphorically, be them who kills me while I fight for their freedom as well as mine.

Why? Because I stand in the vibration of truth, love, and light.



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