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Ohio Supreme Court Narrows Standard for Rape in Case Involving 2-Year-Old

An Ohio woman's conviction of raping her son has been overturned following the state Supreme Court's decision to narrow the definition of rape.

It is all out war and open season on men now.

I am beyond disgusted at every part of this.

I’m just wondering when men collectively reach our breaking point and actually fight back, using force if necessary.

The overdue check of feminism is going to be quite brutal I’d wager

I don't think we ever will. Bill Burr describes it perfectly with.. There are no feminists on a sinking ship. They all twist their hair into pigtails and run around going I'm a girl, I'm a girl. Save me. Save me..

More and more men will mgtow and there will be less and less boys becoming electricians, plumbers etc. 1st world Societies will just crumble.

Some theorize that's the reason for how the Middle East treats women, a long while ago the expectations of men became overwhelming while the expectations of women were nonexistent, so men decided to apply malicious compliance. Of course you can't prove it, you can't prove any theory about that situation, the factual reasons are lost to history, but it makes you think. Men and women have always lived together, we evolved together, the feminist idea of men being simply hard wired to hate and oppress women makes no sense however you look at it. A sociopolitical power play that turns men and women against each other and sometimes backfires on the people who pushed the crazy if they push it too hard, then everybody getting caught in the fallout makes more sense.

I'd love it if men did use brute force and tactics to fight back against this shit military style like a militia of trained armed men fighting this corruption. Men need to do that. Imagine a collective group of 200k men fighting this all armed and trained in a collective organized militia. Not even law enforcement could handle it nor the national guard. It would be better of this theoretical militia had 1 million armed members.



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