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( @Stanleymitchell90 )
I don’t want to sound anti-Semitic but maybe having our country ruled by people who want our genocide isn’t the best system.

( @CN32 )
@Stanleymitchell90 Jews are doing to the world what they did to Russia after WWI, what they did to Germany in the 20s until those 'evil Germans' stood up to them.

( @RageNFreedom )
@Stanleymitchell90 I don't want to sound antisemitic, but maybe we should stop buying their shit, watching their shit, and find a way to bank without them, and once they're broke, round them up and send them to their sand holes. That's just me though 🤷‍♂️

( @Based_Honkler )
@Stanleymitchell90 I don't want to sound antisemitic, but maybe having them in our country or Western Civilization at all is a really bad idea.

Siberia maybe?

( @Wondering_American )
@Stanleymitchell90 I'm pro American, that means I'm anti Talmudic people

( @PizzaJohns )
@Stanleymitchell90 until you are proud to be anti semitic, you're part of the problem

( @Jagdpanzer )
The amount of people that read this and didn't realize it was facetious, and that this dude gives zero shits if people call him "anti-Semitic"... lol


( @Grendahl )
@Stanleymitchell90 we also need to reject Jew mercantilism. American free enterprise was the peaceful solution the aggression and piracy of Jewish mercantilism

(corrected appreciatively)

( @Libzhaverabies )
@Stanleymitchell90 let’s make AMERICA 110

( @Trop68 )
@Libzhaverabies @Stanleymitchell90 112. They were expelled from a region in Guatemala a few years ago and they were expelled from Yemen more recently. They should be expelled from every White country.

( @Libzhaverabies )
@Trop68 @Stanleymitchell90 I’m good with 112😆

( @mostdefinitelyprobable )
@Stanleymitchell90 I'll be antisemitic for you!

Kabbalah is born of Satan!

( @robert1978bp )
@Stanleymitchell90 It's ok to be anti-semitic



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