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As we come up on the date for the destruction (closing) of the GIANT PORTAL IN UKRAINE, the real purpose behind the NATO INCURSION AND STAND OFF with PUTIN can be revealed. THE KHAZARS ARE BLOOD DRINKING REPTILIAN HORDES under command of the Draco-Reptilian-Grey alliance also known as the Luciferian Rebellion. The Khazars are linked to this age old sacrificial cult going back to the beginning of human occupation of Earth.
Our military has been using nukes under cover of fires in places like PARADISE CALIFORNIA and other sites to close portals where various alien-ET races have been entering our dimension and causing havoc as well as preying upon unsuspecting humans for many years. More recently, according to Project Camelot key disclosure witness Captain Mark Richards we were given technology from the Pleiadians to close portals without the messy use of nukes. However for some reason in Ukraine either because the PORTAL there is too large or because the U.S. military does not want to share this tech with the Russians… they have elected to, with Putin’s help CLOSE THE PORTAL USING A NUKE.
As the playing field is revealed and cleared of these invaders the frequency of humans on the planet will rise correspondingly.

A side note along this road. As consciousness rises our Creator-given human powers come to the fore:

Our Chief Operating System in charge of our body (higher mind linked to soul) can override all the effects of Vaxes or anything else (any dis-ease or unbalance in your body/mind complex).

What this means is that the reality is that we do not need the help of alternative or mainstream medicine once we learn to access our tremendous powers granted by the Creator and spoken about and demonstrated by the avatar known as Jesus.

You get into the zone you can deflect bullets, change the frequency of everything around you…from negative to a positive healing force. It is all in you… in all of us.



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