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The only thing left in the New Underworld Order’s bag of tricks is for the aliens to invade (Project Blue Beam), do an international broadcast, tell us to trust world government, be Covid safe and cut carbon emissions all while wearing BLACK LIVES MATTER T-SHIRTS.

The next hoax is being prepared, most likely as a “look over there!” decoy for mandatory scamdemic vaccines and the Great Reset.

Is a fake alien invasion in the works? With the Branch Covidian cult firmly established, the scene seems ripe to run on at least part of the pajama people.

The Jerusalem Post reports that former Israeli security chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a “Galactic Federation” have been in contact with the U.S. and Israel for years, but humanity isn’t ready to know this. Hoax alert: They only communicate with the U.S. and Israel? That says a lot.

Of course, these appear-and-disappear monoliths are being dismissed as art pieces. The question begs, however: Why are they showing up at all? Psyops.
The theory holds that they use dense hologram imagery combined with voice-to-skull technology [see “Voice of God Mind Control“] and possibly a good dose of suggestibility via drug aerosols in the air or put into drinking water.

Another variation — and we think more likely — would be some type of smaller-scale religious Messiah or prophecy hocus pocus and psyop aimed at evangelical Rapture, Branch Covidians, Judiacs, and New Age types. Perhaps this would be tied into Jerusalem. No doubt the CS has the data to determine just how gullible and controllable the population, or segments of the population, are and what would be required.



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