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( @Nature_and_Race )
If law enforcement doesn't want to do their job to defend White people from non-white violence, fine.

But then they need to stand the fuck out of the way and let We The People do what is necessary to secure the future of White people.

Any cop who interferes with Whites protecting our own people has chosen to protect the non-whites that are harming and killing innocent White people. And such an officer should literally consider killing himself.

( @Europman )
@Nature_and_Race law enforcement is just there to stop White men from doing what needs to be done

( @Diplodoctopus )
@Nature_and_Race if they want to be hated from two directions, have at it.
Jamal sees colour.
Mohammed sees colour.
M'Beke sees colour.
Sanchez sees colour.
Officer Smith better get to home depot and get some f**king colour swatches.

( @upenya )
@Nature_and_Race LEs primary duty should always be to protect their the racial and cultural integrity of the nation. If they don’t do that they’re useless.

( @everythingburns )
@Nature_and_Race Who are we? American pussies have nothing to do with Irish.

( @Maverick042089 )
@Nature_and_Race 'A thin blue line' separates the average law enforcement officer from the brutal, border-line psychotic enforcer for the anti- White ZOG state.



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