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( @MrsShy1776 )
I was just picking up a prescription from CVS, and the stupid bitch pharmacist oozing arrogance looked at me as she was ringing me up and asked me if I wanted a flu shot. “Because there’s no wait today so I figured you might want to take advantage.”

I chuckled as I said “I’d rather chew broken glass“ and she looked at me with her eyes popping out and she said “huh?“ and I was like “did I stutter?”

( @Leahlandia )
@MrsShy1776 the clot shot gave my hubs stage 4 non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lots and lots of medical visits.

Each time I am able to, I make sure every single medical "professional" I come into contact learns this:

1. It's non of your business if I am vaxxed or not but I wouldn't put that crap into my wonderfully made body for any reason.
2. Your vax destroyed my husband's immune system and made him deathly ill.
3. Your masks don't work and you know it.

Then I ask them:
4. Are you a pharma shill or a real healer? Too bad your actual job is to poison people. Y'all poisoned my husband with your vax and now your chemo. I'm thankful that I won't have to answer to God for poisoning people then pretending to care about them afterwards. All for the almighty dollar.

That shuts em down toute suite.

( @Toolman492 )
@MrsShy1776. My dad got the flu shot every year and every year he would get the flu, drs always claim one of two things , either it is a different strain of flu or it would have bern worse if he didnt get the wife ,before I met her,was the same, always got the flu shot and every year got the flu....she has not had the flu shot since and has not had the flu since.....I have never had the flu shot and have never had the flu. I don't believe in coincidences.

( @DianePik )
@MrsShy1776 My mom never got a single flu shot her whole life. She lived to age 96, on zero meds, ever. I will never get one.

( @MrsShy1776 )
@DianePik also they can shove their yearly mammograms and prostate exams right up their ass.

( @Kel_loge )
@MrsShy1776 Right there with you. I used to get the seasonal flu every year because of my grand kids. Ever since COVID I will never get another VAX pushed by the government. I TRUST my GOD given Immunity more than the Federal Government.😎:merica::snek::deusvult:

( @PollMan )
@MrsShy1776 The flu shots may be mRNA tech to increase the genocide toll.
From now on ALL SHOTS are suspect for this...



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