GRAYSON BAKICH #transphobia #racist

I have written about the crimes of illegal immigrants — *ahem* newcomers — and transgender individuals, but this marks the first time I have ever seen a twofer.

In Denver last week, police officers shot and killed a 52-year-old man pretending to be a woman named Miguel Tapia (no, not the Chilean singer, and yes, a lot of the news outlets still call him a woman) because he was on the intersection of Broadway and Lawrence holding a hunting knife and apparently yelling angrily.

Because this guy fits into two categories that the left considers more valuable than Americans' lives, only people on X are getting these details out to the wider public, and Google isn't displaying much about this story. Whatever results you find when you search still refer to Tapia or Gonzalez or whatever his name was as a woman and do not bring up those two facts about him.

Given those details and the fact that, thankfully, nobody else was injured or killed in the encounter, expect this to be swept under the rug.

But hearing these news stories that the mainstream media would prefer you not know about is precisely why sites like PJ Media exist and why those same media companies and their allies in Big Tech and government try to silence us.



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