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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia pjmedia.com

Submitter‘s note: (I know I harp on this guy a lot, but I feel like FSTDT was specifically designed for people like him.)

It would be nice for conservatives to recognize that homosexuality is a crime against nature.

Homosexuals belong in jail. We do not need them to prevail, we need God. If they want to repent, they are free to do so, but they aren’t welcome in the conservative movement, celebrating their debauchery.

America was sabotaged by the Kinsey Report.

Strongly recommend all read ‘Sexual Sabotage’.

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Silence DoGood #racist pjmedia.com

There is nothing in the Constitution that expressly forbids segregating schools or forbidding miscegenation, and SCOTUS has no business trying to change that time-honored fact. ‘Loving v. Virginia’ and ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ are clear examples of federal overreach.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia pjmedia.com

Here are three rogue SCOTUS decisions:

1965: Griswold vs. Connecticut, legalizing birth control.

1969: Stanley vs. Georgia, legalizing p-rnography

2003: Lawrence vs. Texas, Legalizing homosexuality.

All of these were illicit decisions and all practices should still be illegal. Do this, and the Democrat party will be destroyed. They are the party of death and decay, and these practices are all practices of pagan death cultures.

“Our liberty depends on our education, our laws, and habits . . . it is founded on morals and religion, whose authority reigns in the heart, and on the influence all these produce on public opinion before that opinion governs rulers."
Fisher Ames, American Founding Father

Notice how he says our liberty depends on our laws, for the libertarian libertines who insist laws legalizing corruption are a good thing.

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buzzsawmonkey #wingnut pjmedia.com

The Left hates plastic because it comes from petroleum---and petroleum continues to kick the ass of every one of the Left's pet "alternative energies."

They can't ban petroleum yet, though they're itching to---so they wage war on plastic. To that end, they babble about how "plastic lasts forever," or some such nonsense. Anyone who has ever owned anything made of plastic knows that this is ridiculous; plastic breaks down, as you know if you've ever had a switch snap off in your hand, had a plastic housing crack without warning, seen your Tupperware get greasy and start to melt of its own accord, watch what happens to some plastics when they're left out in the sun too long.

Plastic is less permanent and stable than its predecessor celluloid, and is certainly less permanent and stable than the bronze, brass, iron, earthenware and wood used by pre-modern civilization. Note, by the way, that were it not for these durable materials our archaeological record of prior civilizations would be much the poorer; is it likely that our easily-shattered, readily crumblable plastic artifacts will last 3000 years as the detritus of the Assyrians did?

The War on Plastic is merely a proxy, a micro-war for the Left's War on Petroleum.

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Brian Matthews #fundie pjmedia.com

What makes you think our founders were so wise? Look around.

Democratic systems have never worked. They CAN'T work.

In a democratic system, the immoral, ignorant, indolent, irresponsible idiot has as much say as the good, and wise man, and in every society the former has almost always outnumbered the latter.

You told me our founders purpose for government, but not God's purpose for government. God's purpose for government is to promote good, and punish evil.

Right now, our government is promoting evil, and punishing good. Are you OK with that?

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2thegates #fundie pjmedia.com

They're here! Time for those atheists to show us how much smarter they are than everybody else! Happy posting people!
Atheist Posting 101-
1) Always attack Christians because they aren't likely to hurt us like those scary Muslims.
2) Tell everyone how smart you are because well... we just are.
3) Use mocking language like "Sky Fairy".
4) Avoid questions about how come we never go after Islam because we know it is because we are progressives and they are a protected class.
5) Accuse Christians of ancient barbarism but avoid talking about the daily brutality of Islam. (See #4)
6) Use more mocking language.
7) Tell Christians they are dumb but never Muslims (See #1)
8) At some point during the discussion, tell them you are an atheist to show that you are clearly superior to all others on the link. (See #2)
9) Use more mocking language.
10) Dissemble when talking about history because there are way too many quotes from presidents throughout history calling for prayers, fasting, victory over enemies, and other requests for God's help.
11) Then use more mocking language.
12) Identify yourself as an atheist because you automatically earn extra IQ points by doing so. (See #2)
13) Use even more mocking language.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut #sexist pjmedia.com

Older women like you were supposed to be teaching the younger women how to be in subjection, you wicked Jezebel. Instead, you rotten women have been flaunting your sexuality and refusing to have children. You will be harshly punished by God.

I’m happy to give you a Tongue lashing. You deserve every bit of it, you treacherous snake.

You defy Gods[sic] order, impudently. Tearing down the home.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

All of this could have been avoided if SCOTUS had never legalized homosexuality in 2003.

Funny we have millions of conservatives who say they oppose communism, but they fight to defend the Marxist victim group of homosexuals. Communists wanted to legalize homosexuality, and now we have blind conservatives and many fake Christians who fight to keep homosexuality legal.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

That’s nice, but he’s a homosexual and doesn’t represent the Constitution’s Spirit.

Unbelievable I get 17 downvotes on a conservative site.

The Cultural Marxist brainwashing of America to accept homosexuality is working.

Apparently, we have a bunch of libertine cowards on PJ media who haven’t got the guts to say homosexuality is a crime against nature.

People, no one gave SCOTUS the right to legalize homosexuality in 2003.

Stop being brainwashed drones, and being suckered!

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

Phinehas dealt with sin severely, and was rewarded. Eli dealt with it lukewarmly, and was punished.

We are talking about severe sins that God hates. When a society doesn’t deal with them, God deals with the society.

You are doing no one any favors by defending defiant sinners who hate God.

The men who Founded America banned homosexuality and you have the audacity to question them? Who do you think you are, to elevate yourself above men who loved God, and above Gods law!?

You will be severely punished for your lukewarm response.

And it is pride to institute your lukewarm righteousness for Gods law.

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Brian Matthews #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

God's moral code is the only one I honor. Not yours.

It's the only one you will be judged by.

Right and wrong isn't subjective. It's objective. And, I don't "decry" coercive force to enforce laws based on God's moral standards. Why would I?

Tell me, how would it hurt you if gay marriage was illegal, AGAIN, like it was only 4 years ago? How would it hurt you if LGBT was outlawed AGAIN, like when I was young?

There was order back then. Now it's virtual anarchy.

As I said, the founding generation outlawed these things, and they were outlawed in the US for around 200 years without any problems. Then people like you came along and opened Pandora's box. And the evil just keeps on coming with no chance of putting it back in that box.

Why are you defending evil?

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

When confronted with their evil, they were ashamed and repented.

They never celebrated it, and unlike you, THEY NEVER DEFENDED DEFIANT SINNERS. David said he hated evil doers, and loved God. When he sinned, he mourned for it and was punished, severely, almost being killed by his son in a rebellion.

Ezekiel 33 says the blood of the wicked will be on the head of those who fail to warn.

Open rebuke is better than secret love.

God is merciful to the penitent, not the defiant and proud.

God resists the proud. Open sinners are proud.

You definitely don’t study or obey the Bible.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

More disinformation. Go read Franklin’s autobiography and a biography written more than 100 years ago, you Google brainwashed drone.

You’re a sucker, having been indoctrinated to reject all 204 Christian Founders by the Marxist media, schools, and tech companies, feeding you disinformation.

You are an embarrassing disgrace to America, a wretched ingrate, not fit to lick the boots of the Founders. You are a contemptible and corrupt nitwit.

Go read the Jefferson lies, and go read a decent biography of Hamilton, you silly drone.

King David was penitent, and humble. You are neither.

You stupidly highlight the faults of men in the Bible and leave out NONE OF THEM CELEBRATED OR DEFENDED THEIR EVIL. You defend the wickedness of homosexuals. You’re headed for a fiery fate, you antinomian heretic.

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Brian Matthews #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

Government should, as I said, promote good, and punish evil.

I lived in a time when the LGBT agenda was outlawed, and that didn't cause the whole world to fall apart. In fact, the world was much better off than it is now.

Little boys didn't have to worry about having their genitals cut off because their pervert mother wants them to be a girl.

School girls didn't have to risk bladder infections because they were too scared to go to the restroom because some guy might be in there.

We didn't have sick, twisted men dressed up as hookers dancing erotically in front of an audience of innocent children, and their enthusiastic IDIOT parents who brought them there to see such filth

We didn't have drag queen story hour. We didn't have Christians going to jail, or losing their livelihoods for just being Christians.

We didn't have laws compelling people to say something that they don't truly believe, like we do now.

This is what you promote by protecting the "rights" of perverts.

You like to talk about the founders. Well, they said our rights came from God.

Wickedness is NOT a God given right.

And, as I said, just look around at the fruit of your ideals.

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the_old_prophet #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

Soon all the major denominations will cave to these nazi perverts. All that will be left are a few holdout Christians, real Christians, who are born again by faith in the shed blood of Christ. We will never cave. We will never compromise with this sin. The Lord knows them who are His. We will be persecuted, of that there is no doubt. But anyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ will suffer persecution. The Scripture says so. We take heart in the promise of Christ that "great is our reward" in heaven.

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Brian Matthews #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

Human authority is ordained by God. It is the minister of God to execute justice. It is an agent of God.

Are you saying there is no right and wrong? Or, are you saying we can't know right from wrong?

Perhaps we could stop all these mass shootings by legalizing murder. Perhaps you should deliver a speech to a MADD convention, extolling the benefits of repealing prohibition.

You ask who's good? Well, I guess yours. I guess you get to tell us what's right or wrong. That's exactly what you're doing here on the internet. You can't even see your hypocrisy.

It's a big liberal LIE that no one's values should be imposed on society. They sold that lie to gullible Christians to get them to let go, and then the libs took over, and are now imposing their values on society, WITH YOUR HELP!

The truth is, EVERY society in history, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, has had someone's values imposed on it. There is no other way. Someone's values are always going to prevail. That's not the question. The question is, and always has been, WHO'S VALUES.

I say, NOT YOURS. Yours are destroying us, and you still haven't answered that charge.

The founders were the original liberal utopians, but even they had sense enough to outlaw sexual perversion. As I said, it was even outlawed in my lifetime, in all 50 states.

I called them utopians because they tried to set up an egalitarian utopia just like liberals today are trying to do. It has never worked, and it never will.

You say we can't agree about right and wrong? Well then, by all means, let's just let the wicked take over.

If I can't tell you what's right and wrong, then you must quit telling me your version of what's right and wrong.

Again, I point your attention to the tragic results of your worldview. Just look around.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia #wingnut pjmedia.com

It’s not hard. Homosexuality is a form of sex outside heterosexual marriage.

God says in Ezekiel 33, that your attitude will make you guilty of the blood of the homosexuals.

Read your Bible, you fake Christian.

Jesus forgave penitent sinners, not defiant and proud ones!! What Bible are you reading!!? You must attend a communist church.

Since you like to talk about judging so much, the correct understanding of the most abused passage in scripture, the Judge not passage, says take the beam out of your eye before judging another. That means, homosexuals need to fix their problems before correcting others.

And also, as a woman, you aren’t to be teaching a man, you teach other women and children.

So learn your Bible, and learn your place, you rebellious hussy.

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Lydia Church #fundie pjmedia.com

That is what I was going to say.
We are in the times of the Great Apostasy. The church has morphed into the harlot. She is willing to become like the world to win the world, but not to Christ, because you can't do that by emulating the world. But... she does it for a price. Because that's what harlots do! The church has been infiltrated for various 'purposes' of the end times delusion and deception, just as the Bible says it would be. They are embracing and celebrating sin instead of pursuing holiness, righteousness, and obedience. They are linking arms with every false doctrine and belief system. And the apostates within its walls love it so! We can't attend a congregation like that!
If you can form a home fellowship, great!
I tried but no one was interested and all were too enamored with their worldly churches to notice anything was wrong. What choice do you have in that case? None.
If you join in, you will be polluted too.

So some of their findings may not take that into account, the really good ones who can't find a worthy church.... stayed home!
It's sad, but there's nothing else we can do about it but wait and pray.
Again, if you can start a home group, great, but all you can do is try.
I've tried going to churches that were not quite on the mark but somewhat okay, and still, all you find is people who scorn you for holding to the original gospel. You're not going to reform anything and the answer is always to come out of her... my people.
And for anyone with the Holy Spirit, you get so disgusted with some of the stuff going on, you simply have to leave.

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David Walker and Simpleman36 #fundie pjmedia.com

(Note: This Regards Roy Moore)

David Walker: Roy Moore for POTUS 2020!

xanxibar: you're dumb if you think anyone other than the Christian Taliban would vote for that scumbag.

David Walker: I knew the rabid Christophobes would show up here within a few minutes of each other once word was out on your websites. And I was right.

Rev. William H. Carey: Then try this: I'm a Christian, an evangelical, and an ordained minister. I wouldn't vote for Moore for dogcatcher, let alone POTUS.

simpleman36: then it only says to True believers of Christ, that you have turn your back against the Lord.

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Liberty Counsel, Family Research Council, et al #fundie pjmedia.com

No fewer than 60 organizations branded "hate groups" or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory, a Christian legal nonprofit leader confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday. He suggested that the $3 million settlement and apology the SPLC gave to Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation on Monday would encourage further legal action.
"We haven't filed anything against the SPLC, but I think a number of organizations have been considering filing lawsuits against the SPLC, because they have been doing to a lot of organizations exactly what they did to Maajid Nawaz," Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, told PJ Media on Tuesday.
Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit against the charity navigation organization GuideStar for defamation after GuideStar adopted the SPLC's "hate group" list. That lawsuit is ongoing.

In 2016, the SPLC published its "Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists," listing Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim, as one such extremist. The left-wing group listed various reasons for including him, changing the reasons every so often, and even at one point mentioning that he had gone to a strip club for his bachelor party.
On Monday, SPLC President Richard Cohen extended his group's "sincerest apologies to Mr. Nawaz, Quilliam, and our readers for the error, and we wish Mr. Nawaz and Quilliam all the best." In settling the suit, the SPLC paid Nawaz's organization $3.375 million.

"This is a significant settlement," Staver told PJ Media. "3.375 million dollars, and it did not even go to litigation; it was a result of a demand letter."

Importantly, "the allegations that were at issue here were very similar to the allegations against the other groups," the Liberty Counsel chairman explained. "The SPLC promotes false propaganda, demonizes and labels groups they disagree with, and that labeling has economic as well as physical consequences."

The SPLC started as a group to oppose racist terrorism, and its first legal action targeted the Ku Klux Klan. In recent decades, the organization has begun marking mainstream organizations as "hate groups" on par with the KKK. Last year, 47 nonprofit leaders denounced the SPLC's "hate list" in an open letter to the media. The SPLC has admitted that its "hate group" list is based on "opinion.""SPLC's partisan tactics and slander have ruinous, real-world consequences for which they should not be excused; we are evaluating all our options to defend the good name of ADF, including possible legal action," Tedesco concluded.
Staver noted that the SPLC labels groups "in order to destroy them," and he pointed out that that characterization comes from the SPLC's own words. The Liberty Counsel chairman also referenced a terror attack inspired by the left-wing group's "hate map."
In 2012, Floyd Lee Corkins III broke into the Family Research Council (FRC), aiming to kill everyone in the building. He admitted to targeting the FRC because the SPLC listed it as an "anti-gay group" on its "hate map." That wasn't the only incident connecting the SPLC with terror, however.
"Even the shooter last year in D.C. was a Facebook fan of the SPLC and the SPLC ran a false article saying [House Majority Whip] Steve Scaliese was a white supremacist," Staver added. In a statement, Nawaz himself had highlighted the connection between the SPLC and James Hodgkinson, the Congressional Baseball Game shooter last summer.
"There are people out there that are unhinged. They go out and take action. They assume that somebody hates them," the Liberty Counsel chairman explained. Due to these radical actors, "You have to be careful with your language. We can disagree but we can't demonize one another. Certainly, do not do anything that would put somebody that you disagree with in physical danger."
"The groups that we're talking to, that have approached us, all of them oppose violence," Staver said. "None of them advocate violence. They don't agree with the SPLC on certain issues, but they oppose violence. They have no reason to hate anyone."
It is hard to predict how a 60-party lawsuit against the SPLC's "hate group" labeling would play out. D. James Kennedy Ministries, the Christian nonprofit that sued Amazon and the SPLC over the "hate group" defamation last year, reported in late May that a preliminary hearing on its case was a "positive development."
Nawaz's case may be unique, since it involved a devout Muslim slandered as an "anti-Muslim extremist." Even so, the settlement does give grounds for hope, and the falsely labeled "hate groups" are considering their options.

Staver insisted that the settlement with Nawaz "will encourage further legal action." He suggested that the settlement "helps our lawsuit against GuideStar" and may encourage organizations that were considering suing the SPLC to actually file the paperwork.
"There are probably about 60 organizations that we're talking to — there's at least 60," Staver told PJ Media. He mentioned the group of 47 nonprofit leaders who denounced the SPLC last year, and said "that group has grown since then."
Furthermore, many of the "hate groups" attacked by the SPLC do not encourage hate or violence, but merely disagree with the left-wing organization's political views. Many — like the Family Research Council (FRC), the Ruth Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) — merely stand for marriage as between one man and one woman. The SPLC has twisted 30-year-old arguments to smear these groups, and in one egregious case the group actually quoted as hateful the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Other organizations attacked by the SPLC also told PJ Media they are "considering their options" regarding a lawsuit.
"Truthfully, I have not been following the activities of the SPLC too closely," Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of the Ruth Institute, an organization that lost its credit card processor, Vanco Payments, over the SPLC's "hate group" labeling last year, told PJ Media. "Pursuing our mission is more important than attempting to take on the behemoth of the SPLC."
"I must say, though, this apology to Mr. Nawaz has caused us to consider our options," Morse added, cryptically.
"We are reviewing all our legal options," J.P. Duffy, a spokesman for the Family Research Council, told PJ Media on Tuesday.
A spokesman for Prager University, another organization attacked by the SPLC, said that "at this point" the group had "no intention to sue," but they "reserve the right to change their mind as the situation evolves."
Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), echoed this trend, saying his organization is "evaluating all our options," including a potential lawsuit.
"It's appalling and offensive for the Southern Poverty Law Center to compare peaceful organizations which condemn violence and racism with violent and racist groups just because it disagrees with their views," Tedesco told PJ Media. "That's what SPLC did in the case of Quilliam and its founder Maajid Nawaz, and that's what it has done with ADF and numerous other organizations and individuals."
"This situation confirms once again what commentators across the political spectrum have been saying for decades: SPLC has become a far-left organization that brands its political opponents as 'haters' and 'extremists' and has lost all credibility as a civil rights watchdog," the ADF senior counsel added.
Tedesco defended the good name of Alliance Defending Freedom, which SPLC falsely maligns as a "hate group." "With eight wins in the last seven years at the U.S. Supreme Court and hundreds of victories for free speech at America's public universities, ADF is one of the nation's most respected and successful legal advocates, working to preserve our fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience for people from all walks of life," he said.

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Victor Davis Hanson #fundie pjmedia.com

The best way for liberals to advance their various causes would be to take a pledge to live the rather progressive lives that they advocate. Here are a modest Ten Commandments to lend them credibility in the eyes of the American people.

1. Climate Change. Perhaps the greatest carbon emission sin is jet travel. On an average London-to-New York flight each passenger emits well over 1 ton of C02 emissions, an indulgence that can nullify a year of recycling of other less-privileged Americans. All supporters of government-mandated reductions in fossil-fuel emissions could at least take the following pledge. “I will fly across the Atlantic no more than once every five years.” Private jet travel — the worst of the mortal carbon sins — of course would be banned, at least until we can transition into solar and wind aviation. Al Gore in the middle seat of Row 44, fighting to put his oversized carry-on into the overhead compartment, would be a symbolic act worth far more than all his heated and well-paid rhetoric.

2. Schools. Most liberals oppose charter schools, support teachers’ unions, and encourage generous immigration, legal and illegal. To further diversity in the schools, create easier integration, and to nullify the insidiousness of white privilege, each liberal should pledge, “I will put at least one of my children in an inner-city public school, or in a school where the white enrollment is in a minority.” What better way to acculturate a young elite to the new world around him? Could not the Obama children attend a D.C. public school?

3. Guns. Gun control is an iconic liberal issue, specifically limitations on handguns and concealed weapons. Too many guns in too many places supposedly encourage violent crime. Again, what better way to make a statement than by having all liberal celebrities, business people, and politicians take the following pledge: “I will pledge that no one in my security detail will ever carry a concealed firearm of any sort”? Surely the pope, of all people, did not need armed guards, with lethal concealed weapons, surrounding his pope-mobile?

4. Illegal Immigration. Liberals support the idea of unlimited immigration, legal or not. But the key for successful upward mobility for newly arrived immigrants, attested in nearly all studies, is integration and acculturation with American citizens. Therefore the following pledge seems ideal for any supporter of open borders: “I will socialize weekly with at least one illegal immigrant, whether inviting him to a sporting event, dinner, or recreational activity.” Were one upscale family to adopt an immigrant family from south of the border, the latter’s health care, legal, education, economic, and culture challenges might be alleviated. There are plenty of empty and mostly unused guest houses behind estates in Malibu and Santa Monica, and very few shelters for new arrivals: why not combine need and idleness — and help the helpless?

5. Sanctuary Cities. Most liberals support sanctuary cities and the idea of open borders, including the right of cities to nullify federal law. Why not pledge, “I will swear support for all American cities that choose to nullify any federal laws that they find oppressive and somehow contrary to the idea of America”? When a cattleman shoots a wolf, and a county sheriff guffaws and claims “that’s a federal problem, not mine,” then we will have come full circle to the sort of disasters that occur in San Francisco.

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Susan L.M. Goldberg #fundie pjmedia.com

The irony deepens when one continues to read (not stereotype) the Bible to find that Israelite women didn’t need to waste their time fighting to be equal to men; they were busy fulfilling their own unique role in society. Created with an intrinsic spiritual link to God, women were the first teachers of Torah to their children. They managed their homes, families, and finances. While other women served gods and goddesses by sacrificing their bodies and their children on pagan altars, Hebrew women were called by their God to birth, raise, educate, build, and prophesy to their nation. Long before American women decided they needed equality, Israelite women were divinely empowered.

Yet it’s this revived goddess theology, not biblical feminism, that has trickled down from yesterday’s second-wave feminism into today’s pop culture to the point where the term “goddess” has become a compliment slung about among women anxious to buy t-shirts, mugs, and jewelry encrusted with a term of ancient slavery. Nowhere is the pop-goddess trend more evident than on television, where women continue to be defined and glorified through sexual acts. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and the “Backdoor Teen Mom” have all reached stardom through cut-and-dry video prostitution, while fictional shows like HBO’s Girls provide more high-brow, intellectual goddess-fodder, which the graduate school-educated critics crave.

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Ranchman #conspiracy pjmedia.com

Testimony from people who did know Obama in some of his younger years, after his family moved him here from Kenya and Indonesia, have testified repeatedly to the fact that Obama is a pathological liar. They say he lied about EVERYTHING, never telling the truth. They (male and female, btw) have said that, if he said it was raining outside, you better go check. They've also testified, repeatedly, to his extensive drug use, all agreeing that his drug of choice was always crack. They also testified, again repeatedly, that he has ALWAYS been a homosexual. He NEVER liked girls, it's a complete fabrication with his wife and "kids." The bottom line is, nothing about this so-called man is any good, NOTHING!! According to the similar testimony from several people, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Harrison J. Brounell is a pathological lying homosexual drug addict. Yep, it looks like those who voted for this schmuck got the government they deserve, eh?

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Kathy Shaidle #fundie pjmedia.com

[Commenting on her own blog post in which she characterized poor people as gluttonous, slothful, irresponsible and entitled.]

Ah yes, those millions of imaginary “homeless vets” of song and story:


If people are “living paycheck to paycheck” it is because they are in debt, usually carrying heavy consumer debt loads. Those people aren’t necessarily poor either.

I’m not convinced by the way that anyone really “cares about the poor” so much as they care about their own self image as “compassionate” people.

I actually DON’T care about “the Poor” – like all sane, normal people, I can about my friends and family first. Real people, not an abstraction based mostly on mythology and ideology.

It’s too bad so many liberals are embittered losers who resent those of us who’ve made something of ourselves. And who aren’t ashamed of writing stuff under our own names rather than hiding behind cowardly pseudonyms.

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Gary Ruppert #fundie pjmedia.com

The fact is, the real solution for poverty in USA is not to coddle them, but cut them off. They will get jobs and back to work fast if no more gravy train is making them lazy, also take away there cable tv. They are dependents who are useless eaters to USA. Also there health care is a waste, shy spend a dime on people who are a drain on Freedom? Let them die, starve, whatever — the real survivers will strive themselfs out, the producers will be unburdend and best of all liberalis will be descredeted forev

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eric a #conspiracy pjmedia.com

Perhaps a better understanding of why Obama supports Islamist revolutions could be had by considering Hitler’s support for Mussolini’s Italian Fascism. At first glance, one would think the German leader would despise potential competitors for ruler-of-the-world. But Hitler was genuine in his fascism, i.e the belief in organic racial clusters of humans should form totalitarian mobs to replace constitutional governance, including a separate mob for Italians (who were, apparently, acceptably Aryan).

Obama’s contempt for Constitution and law, together with his creepy cult-of-personality campaigning (i.e. stimulus road signs like the “O” symbol, replacing the stars on the American flag with “O”, cultists hijacking the hand-over-heart of the pledge of allegiance to a pledge to Obama) all indicate a man intent on replacing constitutional government with One-party rule. Obama’s fascism is not racial but ideological; but he admires and respects the Islamist revolutionaries as true leaders of their peoples. Planeloads of American communists took the Occupy movement to the streets, then took their Iphones to Egypt to help Obama help launch the Arab Spring. They all believe – as does Obama – that stirring up revolutions, even violent anti-gay misogynistic revolutions, will help provoke the crisis that pushes America toward true socialism.

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John J #racist pjmedia.com

Go Mittens!
You’re makin’ all the right people foam at the mouth!
While you’re contemplating why the media are having such a hissy fit (and always do) when the subject of BLACK PEOPLE comes up, it’s because, although you’d never know it from television and politics, there just ain’t that many of them.
And some of us WHITE PEOPLE are fed up with being played by them. When food stamp people get pounds of sliced roast beef at the deli while I’m there to get the discount rolls for my lunch, something is totally rotten in Denmark! I’m PAYING FOR THEIR roast beef, yet can’t afford it, myself, because I’m taxed to frikkin’ DEATH!
If mentioning that way too many blacks and illegals are on welfare pleases whites and makes blacks sad, go for it!
Again, like queers, there just ain’t that many of them. If they didn’t always lie and cheat, they’d never win crap!

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cfbleachers #conspiracy pjmedia.com

The Co-Conspirator Clandestine Press (CCCP) has been a one way street for more than four decades. It wasn’t until the convergence of talk radio (the only outlet that gave an information-strangled nation an semi-mass outlet for truth), the internet and “pajama clad bloggers”, and then Fox News…was there any resistance army capable of at least slowing down the propaganda, distortion and lies.

People don’t realize how recent this all is. Fox News began in late 1996 to only 17 million cable viewers available universe. Rush Limbaugh did not broadcast nationally until 1988.

Most conservative political blogs that attracted any kind of audience did not do so until the 2000's. Our own Glenn Reynolds started Instapundit in August, 2001. Our own Roger Simon did not open this site until 2004 and did not get the first round of funding until 2005.

To say that the “resistance” is still in its infancy compared to the entrenchment of the CCCPress would be a massive understatement.

To say that the manner in which the CCCPress reports is a one way street is to deny them the tactical brilliance it has taken for the traitors against truth to demolish and poison our information stream.

Not only are they whipped dogs, rolling over, fetching and humping the legs of their Fabian masters…they are trained attack dogs against any and all who resist the overthrow.

The fact that the NYTimes/DailyDuranty/MorningCockburn is willing to admit it beneath the thin veneer of mild and disingenuous protest is merely because the DurantyCockburn is part of the hyper-radical Soros wing that wants the overthrow to move faster, please.

This pro-Communist, anti-America rag has shown its true colors for decades for anyone that doesn’t have a red-green color blindness built into their DNA.

Whether its Friedman slobbering over Maoism or Duranty/Cogburn fawning over Stalinism or its giving away state secrets and national security leaks like they were passing out Halloween candy…this despicable, traitorous group is not merely a one way street, doing NO “reporting” that uncovers misdeeds on the left…it is a one way back alley, doing dirty deals and committing thuggery against American interests, the free market, capitalism and any conservative they can get their hands on.

If you aren’t with the resistance at this point, you are with the overthrow. And, that includes all the alphabet networks, the magazines, Soros sophistry blogs, hollywood and academia. It’s a formidable force for treason. It has a forty year head start. And exposing them and their plot ought to be the sole purpose of our being.