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A far-right evangelical Christian pastor has left people outraged after claiming that children with autism are possessed by demons.

Tennessee pastor Greg Locke made the claim in a sermon in which he compared autism to stories of people healed by Jesus Christ of "fits" and "outbursts" in the Bible due to demonic possession.

He went on to warn parents that "no such diagnosis" as autism exists in the Bible. See his comments below. Be forewarned that his words may be disturbing.

Locke began his comments by imploring his congregation to not "jump up right now and rebuke me for what I’m about to say,” a sure sign that he shouldn't have said it. Unfortunately, he forged ahead anyway.

"On three occasions, kids were brought to Jesus... by their parents that had epileptic fits, anger issues, outbursts of emotion… And because we called it ‘possession,’ parents refused to deal with it."

Locke then clarified his meaning, which only made things worse.

"'Are you telling me my kid’s possessed?' No — I’m telling your kid has been demonized and attacked, but your doctor calls it autism."



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