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There is also of course the Legion-inspired “Where we go one, we go all campaign” which, in my estimation, was designed to mimick the omnipresent nature of the Demonic Legion Spirit which Q represents. This also reminds me of Q’s association with the occult-drenched Cicada3301 campaign/game which was started by Anonymous, a organization who’s catch phrase is literally “WE ARE LEGION, EXPECT US“. So there’s that.

What else? Oh yeah, NONE OF THEIR PREDICTIONS COME TRUE. That’s a big one.

Q represents the human zygote being infected by the serpent seed sperm. Lucifers agenda revolves around corrupting our genetics and imprisoning our consciousness into a synthetic vessel under his control. Do you see the 23 for #TheGame23 featured on their merchandise?

<...> Either way, what is clear is that Q has been on a crusade of deception and does not represent this syndicate of benevolent “White Hats” that are here to save humanity from the Cabal, led by their fearless orange-painted occultist billionaire who they persuaded to join the cause after a visit to his occult-themed Penthouse on the 66th floor of Trump Tower.
The fact that they are trying to represent Trump as something he is clearly not(an outsider/NON-EL-ite) should have been one of the biggest giveaway of all. Cmon now. He was making guest appearances on “Morning Joe” in the weeks leading up to his announcement that he would run for President. He was friends with Epstein and his name is even on the flight logs. This guy is as much an “insider” as any other President and is also, of course, related to the other Presidents just like ALL Presidents are related to one and other. They are inbred Cannanite Serpent Seeds. These days they’re “Neural-linked inbred Cannanite Serpent Seeds” to be exact. But NOT human beings.



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