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I swore that I would make Q pay for the 2 weeks of my life they took from me in March 2020 when they duped me into believing that they were some crew of benevolent saviors. Now the truth comes out.
Qanon = Cannan = Serpent seed Cannanites

Q is a representation of the Quantum A.I. computer

WWG1WGA is a clear legion spirit connotation.

Q symbolizes the human zygote infected w/Serpent seed

Apply the twin system to Q and your get the Horned god
It seems that the sole reason they propelled the Jeffery Epstein saga into the forefront of the news cycle was so they could effectively communicate their true intentions to the various secret sects across the globe. It’s laughable to look back on Q as some kind of anti-human trafficking organization in retrospect. A sad kind of laughable.

These child trafficking, anti-white organizations never cease to amaze in their capacity for creativity. I’ve always wondered why these counterfeit Jews(Khazars) were always so quick to jump on the anti-white bandwagon. It’s not as if they come across as anything other than “white” themselves. They are as Caucasian as it gets. In fact, the region that they come from in the Black Sea area, the Caucus mountains, is where they get the term “Caucasion” from! They should only be fooling a handful of people at best. At least that’s what I tell myself. In reality, most of the dumbass braindead population laps up their bullshit like a dog laps up puke and shit off the floor. It’s up to people like us to clean it up quickly before they gobble up the whole pile. Though I don’t blame you if you feel inclined to just let them have it. I get it. Fuck em.



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