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In the name of equality, the exclusively male draft could soon be discarded. Imposing the draft upon all young American women is a logical consequence of a new “woke” armed forces oriented not for war but inclusion and diversity.
Thus, this expansion of the draft has nothing to do with winning on a physical battlefield. This metaphysical conflict is destroying institutions and certainties. For this reason, this fight is much more deadly than that of bullets and bombs. If a nation cannot agree on maintaining its institutions, then things will not function properly. If there is no agreement on certainties, everything explodes and polarizes.
There is one final reason why the left hates the exclusive male draft. It is a lingering affirmation of chivalry. It reminds the world that there once was a time when men freely sacrificed themselves for God, the nation and the defense of all.

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The left hates how fearless knights selflessly entered battle following a code of chivalry that bound them to protect the Church, the nation, family, the poor, and the weak. The archetypal figure of the medieval knight (and not its Renaissance distortion) was also a gentleman of manners and culture. He was above all a man of Faith, abnegation and religious devotion.

He put the interests of God and others above his own. For this reason, the knight is the stuff of legends that captured the imagination of the West and still endures today. However, even the slightest memory of the knight must be destroyed if a sterile egalitarian society without legends is to be forced upon America. Thus, the male draft cannot be tolerated in a woke and inclusive military that dares affirm anything traditional.



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