Ben Garrison #conspiracy #racist


There are 30 cabinet-level officials in Joseph Biden's regime.
Jews are 3% of the population. If there is not a racist preference for selecting Jews for top positions, about 1 of the 30 cabinet-level officials would be Jews. But Jews have 1600% to 2700% more cabinet positions than that.
In total, 27 of the 30 cabinet level officials are jews, are jews by marriage or have jew deputies just "below" them.
America has clearly been colonized and couped by semites. The government no longer represents the people, just Jew racists.

[Exceptions to the three groups mentioned above.]

Denis McDonough, Secretary of Veteran Affairs - Denis and Under Sec. of State Victoria Meyer Nudelman have more blood on their hands than anyone else in cabinet.

Thomas James Vilasack, Secretary of Agriculture - Thomas is an orphan of a secretary and a supposedly unknown father. His adoptive grandfather was a semite banker.

Lloyd James Austin III, Secretary of Defense - Austin Ill is not a semite, but a near majority of his four star Generals are, despite jews being just a fraction of a percent of the US soldiers.

Is it fair to conclude that any journalists who avoid talking about the semite coup of America are liars and enemies of the people?

Could it be that Hitler only tried to save his people from jewish racists?



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