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Historians and experts in the last year or so have been warning about the increasingly likely fall of US democracy as we know it, and that we are barreling full steam toward a far right Christian theocracy/autocracy.

At surface level, you might expect TRA to diminish if a far-right authoritarian government came to power, but I would argue that trans ideology wouldn't be erased at all. In fact, I think it would be readily accepted as a type of social enforcement arm of the US government to punish women and homosexuals.

I mean, look at Iran and how they happily subsidize gender re-assignment surgeries but punish homosexuality with death. Then look at the similarities between TRA and MRA, the misogyny and the homophobia that exists within the movement. Then look at the TIMs who slobber at the idea of corrective raping TERFS and lesbians. They seem like they are just jonesing for a Handmaid's Tale situation.

Am I totally off base in thinking TRA would probably do very well under a fascist dictatorship?

( Iridescence )
The Handmaid's Tale: TiM edition would be a terrifying story of complete patriarchy... the women contributing to women's oppression is a major theme in the original, but it would be a truly horrifying element to see even those women replaced by male pretenders.

( BraveAndStunningTERF )
TRA would do “better” than homosexuals for sure - I’m sure the MtF ones would anyhow due to them being men who would be (happily) subservient to other men. That would make them much less threatening then say a homosexual man.

Most people will accept being shit on if they have someone that they themselves can shit on.

The insurrection in the USA is definitely significant though, basically a failed coup. Even hitler had a failed coup, the Russians too???

Personally I blame each and every billionaire in the world.



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