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What's the best Haplotype and why is it R1a?


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R1a is bunch of white niggers, only thing they were good for is letting us Jews to live on their clay when we were persecuted in western europe.

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The best is I1. It was nearly non existant around the time of nordic bronze age and around the fall of Rome.

33% of all Scandinavian men have it today. To go from 0,01% to 33% in that time of timespan without being part of a founder effect.

It means that its the most competitive male lineage in human history in terms of internal group competition.

It has replaced other haplogroups and increased in rate at a percent of thousands of percent compared to its competitior haplogroups.

If there is any haplogroup that is showing signs of being chad and geting all the ladies in peaceful Settings not war and rape its I1.

Probably the most succesful haplogroup in history to replace other haplogroups from peaceful selection.

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R1b obviously
Germany, italy, britain, france, and spain. The five countries which conquered the world.
maority of america is r1b as well, the most powerful country.

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>I2a came back to the balkans with the slavic invasion

What is this dumb subhuman slavoid revision. I2a is highest in bosnia and the western balkans, you fucking subhuman.

Someone ought to put your subuman kin in a barn and burn them alive like the vikings and wehrmacht did. Slavic subhumanism as usual.

It literally says that another V13 subclade is found amongst Serbs on the next line. Kill yourself slavic scum invader. You are immigrants just like the celtoids are. Also im Bosnia and my family literally hails from mount dinara. KYS.

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It’s no coincidence that 99% of the countries who actually contributed to humanity are R1B. R1B is literally the master race, end of discussion

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Slovanoids have genes in eastern germany so it's r1a too. And Old italian venetians were Wends literally slovanoids and they even now use slavic words in their latinised venetian language like woga (slavic voda) = water etc. And Old Norse language had slavic words too like Lekar = doctor but they were germanized



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