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RE: Broke up with my girlfriend for constantly ignoring and disrespecting my Slavic heritage

She is a 2nd generation Chinese immigrant

Bruh remote Albanian villagers will be genetically closer to Serbs then your children, and you are worrying about preserving Serbian culture...

If you somehow make your non white children culturally Serbian it will be like the Amerimutt 56% meme. Such children would never be truly Serbian.

You are destroying your children’s chance to have any kind of ethnic or racial identity and giving them a much higher average rate of mental and physical health problems, and that in my opinion is child abuse

With that being said, I am scared that there a few options here in the Zapad unless I just start dating Slavic women.

Why don’t you date Slavic women already?

You chose to live in a multicultural society when you could live in a homogeneous Serb region. And you chose to participate in multiracialism and race mixing which will destroy all if it is not stopped.

I will date Slavic women as of now, but I wouldn't think to cheat on my then girlfriend like some Zapad degen.

Having a non white girlfriend is Zapad degeneracy.

You are a fucking fanatic who literally says the first thing that comes to your mind

Yes, I’m not afraid to say what is in my mind and I don’t care if I get called racist or anti-Semitic. Because you can only call me names but never disprove my points which are correct. Leftists can never win an argument against me so they have to change the conversation to insults every single time.

all he does or look at is race and race.

The most important thing.

Genetics ≠ culture.

Expect it does.



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