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[From “Ship those Niggers Injuns back”]

As[…]Edmonton and[…]Alberta duel over the cause of (welfare) and solution to (free pizza) homelessness, a curious thing happened[…]
They kept bringing up the jackpine savages who used to wander around this continent before Europe came along with civilization and actually built societies[…]
What on earth does Thomas and that lying sack of shit Littlechild have to do with homelessness in Edmonton? Edmonton is not part of any of the reservations[…]Treaty 6 actually tells them they are supposed to remain on their reserves[…]Same section where Her Majesty Queen Victoria agreed to give them the Residential Schools they were so interested in[…]
Every drunken Red Indian causing a problem within the City of Edmonton is to be punished, strictly mind you, by the white man[…]Cody Thomas and Willie Littlechild need to be told that their constituents are going to be held to a far higher standard than whites in accordance with the treaty they keep blathering (falsely) that we haven't been adhering[…]
We can similarly "extend" the rule about intoxication punishment to include intoxication from marijuana, opioids, pot, crack cocaine, and heroin: just like alcohol if we catch a Red Indian consuming it or otherwise under its influence in white man's territory, we shall punish them swiftly and harshly. More importantly, Litttlechild and Thomas must help us do so on punishment of execution[…]
If homelessness in Edmonton is being caused by Red Indians, then it only goes to show that we have been too kind and generous to them over the years and they need to shape up or be shipped 6 feet underground



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