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EffTheRealLife: “Lol “clouds”


JoshuWaWaMcaWoW: “Dude I feel ya don't let the shills tell ya it ain't real. We need to do something about it. Before it destroys us.”

Jorge-alpha-hekki: “There are military pilots that have come out and confirmed chemtrails, I also have photos from inside one of said planes I’ll have to look for it but I got it.”

“A modicum of effort to do some research geo-engineering is not a fantasy. There’s available patents for methods. Just cause I refuse to do your work for you as you sit on your ass. does not mean I have not done the work. That’s what pisses me off about this fucking Reddit there’s always someone that just wants you to put it in their face for them. That’s the problem with society these days. Everyone wants a short cut I’ve said time and time again, go to bitchute and look up realweekendwarrior. I’m not gonna shit out hyperlinks all day for people that want to be spoonfed truth that is freely available.”



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