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RE: Gender Ideology should be questioned in every court case with questions about the 2 types of gametes in reproduction.

( jelliknight )
Exactly. The bottom line is anyone who has ever produced a single sperm IS MALE and anyone who has ever produced a single ovum IS FEMALE. No exceptions.

"Sex its complicated... something about mushrooms ...intersex... etc"

Sex can be complicated, but its also extremely simple and verifiable in 99.9% of humans. Have you ever menstruated out of your vagina? Youre female. Ever ejaculated out of your penis? Youre male. Made it to sexual maturity without doing either? You have some kind of condition and need to see a doctor for further testing (where they will, almost every time, be able to tell you for certain if you are male or female).

There are a few cases where an individual does fall into a grey zone, e.g. Turner Syndrome […] who could technically be said to be of neither sex. But thats absolutely irrelevant to transgenderism. Everyone else, DSD or not, is either on the Y chromosome/teste/sperm side or the X chromosome/ovary/ovum side.

"Oh but hormones... micropenis... something about social category"

Irrelevant. Sex only exists in the context of sexual reproduction, which in humans has exactly two roles; big gamete and small gamete. Thats reality. No amount of negotiation or external factors can change that.

( NastasyaFillipovna )
Till last year or so, they were conceding the point that there is a difference between Sex and Gender, ie, a Woman, and a female. But now, they have gone full unhinged into claiming that they are females.

So whatever rational arguments you present, its not gonna matter. The previous generation had it right in te first place, that these guys have a Mental disorder, like they show in the movie "Silence of the Lambs".

It should be categorized as such again, and provide them the mental care they need, not the "Surgical care". We don't say an alcoholic that they need the better tasting alcohol, we cut out their suppl/y

( OwnLyingEyes )
Agreed. Not only that, gametes are literally the definitive difference in how the sexes are classified, so the constant attempts to side-step that fact and be all 'but chromosomes sometimes have extra Xs!' or fixating on secondary sex characteristics are a pretty glaringly obvious attempt at sleight of hand.



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